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The new normal: multi-dimensional solutions for sharing and collaboration

Over a year ago, we talked a lot about how content is evolving.

Specifically, we presented trends in digital file and data sharing, consumer expectations, and collaboration within organizations.

In the pre-global pandemic context, the urgency to recognize these trends and act accordingly might have only resonated for a short time.

Around the globe, the majority of employees were still going to the office, social gatherings weren’t restricted, and most services were still accessible through brick-and-mortar locations. 

Understanding the new normal

Once we began to better understand what was required to remain safe, the majority of what felt “normal” changed.

Employees who could complete their work from home became remote, social distancing became mandatory, and services completed in-person were restricted to those deemed as “essential.”

Projects might have been put on hold

With that sudden change, IT organizations worked hard to introduce technology solutions to meet the needs of their business users for virtual meetings, collaboration, and more.

While these solutions were implemented quickly, other projects focused on innovation took a back seat. The work IT completed was closely focused on business continuity, and rightly so.

Throughout many of our customer’s organizations, the content remains spread amongst repositories and applications, sometimes disconnected from the business users that rely on it to complete their work.

As a natural result of ongoing digital innovation and a growing number of applications in an organization, the surrounding data and files are also multiplying at a rapid rate, further adding complexities.

Demand for better solutions

At the same time, the demand for better engagements with customers, partners, and suppliers, along with streamlined workflows between systems and applications grew.

For business users, there is a great demand for solutions that focus on human to human and system to human exchanges of files.

Often, this means system-centric tools for sharing files don’t provide the easiest way to share and complete their work.

Moreover, they have to access files from multiple locations — network drives, emails, line of business applications like Salesforce, cloud file sharing solutions like, and more.

Removing complexities is key to innovation

Between consumer and business-user demands for easier access to sensitive documents, improved collaboration, and streamlined processes, removing complexities is key to innovation and meeting business needs.

Sharing and collaboration

With Axway solutions, we have been able to solve several use cases in file-centric business processes. We have unlocked new sharing patterns and enabled organizations to become better connected to content and humans — without compromising security.

Sample use cases

  • Connect Syncplicity to Salesforce to enable easier sharing and collaboration directly from your
  • Allow users to access files from ECM tools without compromising security and governance policies.
  • Connect Syncplicity to your custom applications via APIs to enable secure file submissions from clients and partners.

To learn more, take a look at our webinar From Monolith to Multi-dimensional as we dive deeper into the evolution beyond traditional Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) solutions.

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