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Reducing the impact of ransomware attacks and controlling Shadow IT

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With a growing tally of high-profile incidents, multiple warnings from European and US agencies on increased cyber threats, employees are tempted to use collaborative tools to share information. This causes an impact of ransomware attacks and control of Shadow IT. Leaders across industries are under pressure to reduce risk from data attacks and prevent data leakage.

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Ransomware attacks–no 100% solution

Some surveys unveil ransomware losses for businesses can average $2,500 for each incident. This involves businesses willing to shell out upwards of $50,000 to decrypt their data.

Ransomware appears between six key cyber threats most dangerous for organizations this year. Last year, was a plague of ransomware attacks, with targets including Britain’s National Health Service, San Francisco’s light-rail network, and big companies such as FedEx.

Ransomware is a relatively simple form of malware that breaches defenses and locks down computer files using strong encryption. Hackers then request money in exchange for digital keys to unlock the data.  Usually, victims have no choice and often pay, especially if the material encrypted hasn’t been backed up.

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Shadow IT is a real problem for IT Teams

The growth of cloud-based software, along with the continued outsourcing of enterprise data services, has led to an explosion of shadow IT problems for the large enterprise. Now while Shadow IT sounds very malicious, it usually is innocently deployed. Most of the time, it is born within an organization simply because employees are trying to be productive.

Hosting and moving files using an open consumer file sharing platform, for example, can lead to serious security risks. When employees and departments start ‘piece-milling’ enterprise software solutions together that are not approved by IT, sensitive client and internal data can be made susceptible to breach.

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A secure Content Collaboration and File Sharing solution can help

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