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The future of sharing…is protected

It seems simple, sharing files. But it’s important to note it’s been established that it’s not as simple as we’d like it to be. Syncplicity has conducted a lot of research through our research partners, and when it comes to using easy, cloud-based solutions like Syncplicity, the number-one concern is always related to security. That’s why our enhanced Syncplicity Rights Management is coming your way in October! READ MORE: Learn how to collaborate and share files securely in a modern workplace.

What is in the value of sharing? It’s connecting people in places across the world, easily for collaboration and co-creation. Content drives business. Giving people the power to build – and transform their ideas from the boardroom or design room into reality—securely.

Superior model

Syncplicity has always had a superior security model and experience for external sharing for building the extended enterprise – a collaboration with your ecosystems – business partners, vendors, customers, agencies. Yet, in just a few short days, our enhanced Rights Management will be generally available.

New feature

We call it Syncplicity Rights Management. This new feature will transform sharing – securely – from anywhere around the globe. Whether you are keeping patient data safe or your financial information, our new feature will make you a protector of all your content. When your content is safe and secure, you don’t have to worry about your data.

Enhanced Syncplicity Rights Management

We are very happy to announce that our enhanced Syncplicity Rights Management is coming your way in October!  Don’t miss out on this terrific opportunity! Be sure to schedule a call with your Customer Success Manager or the sales team now to learn more and be ready to take your security to the next level of protection.

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