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A visionary file sharing platform—Syncplicity by Axway

content collaboration platform

At Syncplicity by Axway, we are fortunate to have amazing and visionary customers. Today, we work with many companies and global leaders that are game-changers in their industries. Syncplicity by Axway works with many large corporations to bring the enterprise file sync and share market to the forefront. Syncplicity has transformed companies and continues to evolve for seamless content collaboration and file sharing.

Content collaboration platform

Most large companies today have a vision for a modern digital workplace. To keep up with the changing times, organizations look to Syncplicity by Axway to solve their content collaboration platform and file sharing file needs.

Where some companies come from the angle of providing their end-users with new tools for ease of use and improved productivity, our customers see more solutions at their disposal. They envision the ability to provide users with secure and seamless access to content, and the ability to modernize their IT infrastructure to save costs and centralize management. Because in a modern digital workplace, file sharing is a seamless experience. Read all about how you can share files securely in a modern workplace.

The challenges faced like any company are not unlike many organizations, but usually on a larger scale. Enterprises need to make it easier for users to access their content in an increasingly digital and mobile world, managing repositories across 200 data-centers, as well as the costs associated with the infrastructure. Syncplicity by Axway answers this call! Read all about real-time document protection and backup with Syncplicity.

We are grateful that large enterprises select Syncplicity by Axway to meet their daily challenges and solve their content collaboration platform and file sharing needs with a sound solution.

Want to hear and see more? Watch our Video Demo to learn how AMPLIFY Application Integration and Syncplicity work so well together for file sync and sharing.