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Experiencing Axway B2Bi Session 1: part 1

Axway B2Bi platform

Take a guided experience through an Axway B2Bi platform with a unique emphasis on digital transformation.

In this session, I will detail the steps needed to configure the Axway B2Bi ALE adapter to connect to SAP.

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Axway B2Bi platform

In a fresh web browser, log in to B2Bi at http://b2b-server:6080/ui/

  1. The next step you will click on the Trading Configuration icon and select your community.

Application Delivery

At this point, we will configure the “Application Delivery.” Application Deliveries are used for inbound processes when you have received data from an external entity, performed some processing steps, then you need to store that data to a backend application.

In this case, the configuration we are building will be for an inbound 850, that has been mapped to an IDOC for storage on SAP.

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  1. Click on the “Application Delivery,” icon:

  1. Scroll down and click “Add an application delivery.”

  1. Click on “Application transports” to expand the list of transports available and select “Application ALE.”

  1. Click “Next.”

Fill out the parameters as follows:

  1. Click “Next.”
  2. Name your exchange:

  1. Click “Finish.”

At this time, you will then be sent back to the list of Application Deliveries that are present on the system.

Application Pickup

During the next step, we will configure the Application Pickup. Application Pickups are connections to an internal system used for processing data either system to system internally or system to Trading Partner for outbound flows. In this particular case, we are configuring a pickup to allow for data to be consumed from SAP for use on an outbound process.

One Example

Today, we are processing an outbound INVOICE to X12 810. The process is virtually identical to the process we just used for creating the Application Delivery.

  1. Click on the Trading Configuration Icon and click on your community:

  1. Click on the Application pickup icon:

  1. Click “Add an application pickup.”

  1. Click “Application transports” to expand the list of transports.

  1. Select “Application ALE” and click Next.
  2. At this state, be sure to define the pickup parameters as follows:

Define parameters for the application

ALE Pickup parameters

  1. Name the application pickup:
  2. Click Finish.

This wraps up configuring the Application Deliveries and Application Pickups.

Stay tuned for part two coming your way next time.

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