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The end of full life cycle API management (and what comes next)

Vince Padua

Recently, Gartner Chief of Research for Software Engineering Mark O’Neill shared a post on LinkedIn discussing the significant shifts in the API management landscape, as observed by Gartner. We’re genuinely grateful to Mark and the Gartner team for highlighting these changes, as they resonate deeply with the strategies and solutions Axway has been championing for some time.

The “Gatewaysaurus” phenomenon, as described by Mark, wasn’t a sudden revelation for us. We’ve been in the trenches with our customers and saw the signs early on. The bloating of API gateways, the overloading of functionalities, and the challenges it posed to businesses were evident. We recognized that the industry was heading towards a cumbersome model that would eventually become unsustainable.

Axway proactively introduced our universal API management solution in response to these early indicators. We didn’t wait for the market to demand it; we anticipated the need and acted on it. Our approach was straightforward: offer a flexible and adaptable solution, allowing businesses to avoid the pitfalls of the “Gatewaysaurus” and instead embrace a more streamlined and efficient model.

Our commitment to the BYOG (Bring Your Own Gateway) philosophy wasn’t just a marketing slogan. It was a direct response to the challenges our customers were facing. We wanted to empower them with the freedom to choose, integrate, and evolve without being shackled by a one-size-fits-all solution. Today, we have customers in production with our universal API management solution, reaping the benefits of a robust and flexible system that provides automated discovery, consumption, subscription, and on-boarding. Truly universal and non-obtrusive, without the need to create facades or proxies in front of existing endpoints.

While it’s heartening to see Gartner’s acknowledgment of the industry’s shift, it’s essential to recognize that some players, like Axway, have been observing and actively shaping this evolution. We’ve been at the forefront, listening to our customers, anticipating market needs, and delivering solutions like Amplify Enterprise Marketplace that drives engagement and maximizes value for API products.

Ultimately, we celebrate the broader industry’s alignment with these pivotal changes; we’re also proud of our proactive approach and the tangible results we’ve delivered to our customers. We remain committed to leading the charge, innovating, and setting benchmarks in the API management space.

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