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Business in a microservices world: How microservices help businesses innovate faster

What is microservices?

Is your company stuck in a rut with outdated software? What would it take to move your company to the next level of digital transformation? Today, we continue our video series on APIs and microservices, discussing how they can help your company adapt to change more quickly. But first let’s review: What is microservices?

What is microservices?

For starters, according to TechTarget.com’s microservices description, “microservices or microservices architecture, is an approach to application development in which a large application is built as a suite of modular components of services.” Each component assists with a particular job, such as APIs. This process enables you to work in tandem with other services.

Adapt and change

So how do they help businesses adapt to change faster? For businesses to adapt to the changing pace of technological advances, they cannot be constrained by IT’s inability to change. Due to their accompanying technologies, there is now the ability to address this change. An example is of an e-commerce company, “As the company adds products to their site when they detect a problem with the service, it can be a problem to fix it… In a microservices world, they might have that fixed within a few hours.”

Thanks in part to the rapid utilization competencies of microservices and APIs, you are able to do business at a much faster level than ever before. With both on hand, that e-commerce company can now have their products up and running in a short time frame compared to the old days of waiting for IT to get it fixed. At the end of the day, this affects how businesses operate and the bottom line. Being able to keep up with today’s technologies is key to be able to stay competitive. Learn more how APIs and microservices are working for the good of digital transformation here.

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