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Creating a digital focus for products with API First

Creating a digital focus for products with API First

"API First" is something that often is mentioned when it comes to API strategy and other aspects of how to move to a more...
introduction to RFC 7807

Representing Problem Details in HTTP APIs: An introduction to RFC 7807

Almost all APIs have a way of how problems and errors can be reported, making it easier to understand for the API consumer that...
Axway Amplify Streams

Is your organization event-enabled?

In the center of consumers, organizations and applications are crucial, valuable data that is expected to be fresh, relevant, and delivered at lightning-fast speeds. Real-time...
modernization for URSSAF - Caisse Nationale

Modernizing France’s social security services with URSSAF – Caisse Nationale

Thanks to Axway’s Amplify API Management platform, URSSAF - Caisse Nationale is now handling more than four million daily secure API transactions. And it’s...
jeff bezos api mandate

Jeff Bezos’ API mandate: What the five rules mean and do

In 2002, Jeff Bezos issued what is now known as the API mandate: The new direction at Amazon would be that all capabilities would have...
Unified API and integration governance takeaways

Unified API and integration governance takeaways: Why API complexity happens

It started with customers telling us they had a pain point: they were using multiple API gateways — both from Axway and from other...
Spectral as part of your API platform and your API governance

Hands-on with Spectral: Using API linting for better API design and API governance

Spectral is an open-source API linting tool (powered by Stoplight) that allows users to write rules which then can be used to check API descriptions....
Zero trust API layer

Zero Trust: Moving from perimeter security to API layer, continuous authentication

*Republished with permission from Traditionally, Zero Trust has been focused on moving beyond the network perimeter. But with the growing use of APIs, Zero...
enterprise API management

Peloton’s API leak: Security requires a combination of technology and processes

Recently, a long-lasting security vulnerability exposing private user data through Peloton's API was made public. It's worth diving into what happened, as it's a...
API complexity

Why 60% of enterprises are dealing with API complexity

With the advent of the cloud, the enterprise IT landscape allowed for lines of business to operate independently and a lot faster, opening up...

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