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ensuring SLAs

AMPLIFY Analytics: ensuring SLAs

AMPLIFY Analytics allows you to turn your data into real-time insights for your company. This process helps to ensure your SLAs (Service Level Agreements)...
Amazon API Gateway

Get on board for value-based digital transformation

Some don't get it. What is this term a Customer Experience network? Others, using the term or not, clearly do get it and have...

Want to improve customer experience? Just hack it!

In the Age of the Customer, providing a top-notch customer experience will increasingly be seen as table stakes, as more and more companies launch...

Aviation industry: Ready for Customer Experience Networks (CX)

UPDATED 11/14/18 According to the 2017 International Air Transport Association (IATA) figures, commercial airlines posted their strongest financial performance ever in 2016—reporting $35.6 billion in...
Finextra research

Amazon giant: It’s not the fittest who survive

Year after year from 2006 to 2016, Amazon growth grew by 27% on average (1). Its online eCommerce business, per Deloitte, has even seen...
Customer Experience Networks

Amazonian fear? Don’t go at it alone!

With the announcement of purchasing Whole Foods, there is much to read. The potential, the impact, the reality and the fear from this...

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