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The new normal: multi-dimensional solutions for sharing and collaboration

Over a year ago, we talked a lot about how content is evolving. Specifically, we presented trends in digital file and data sharing, consumer expectations,...

Syncplicity bulk downloading saves valuable time

For years, Syncplicity users have been able to share and receive folders with an unlimited number of files inside each folder. At the core of...
B2Bi and Syncplicity

B2Bi and Syncplicity – B2H/H2B interaction

Axway has an integration that would allow data from B2Bi to be copied to Syncplicity and vice versa. Why? Well, many customers today would like...
file server replacement

Bye-bye file server, hello cloud! Part 1

It is not the first time I have written about file server replacement, and it will probably not be the last. This is a...
Syncplicity for Mac 6.2

Lock and unlock your files with Syncplicity for Mac 6.2

File locking now available When installed on a Mac or PC, Syncplicity allows its users to share, collaborate, edit, and sync files directly from their...
Syncplicity Events APIs

When it comes to content, Syncplicity Events APIs have you covered

When it comes to content, sharing, accessing and collaborating, security and governance are critical. And that is one of the key values of a...
Enhance EDI with Content Collaboration capabilities

Enhance EDI with Content Collaboration capabilities: How to grow your market

Easily enable new business-to-business (B2B) and consumer to business channels quickly. With the Syncplicity Connector for B2Bi, you can extend EDI capabilities beyond the...
work from home challenges

Overcome your work from home challenges (With Syncplicity!)

I work from home… and have done so for over seven years—since I joined our Syncplicity team. It was a big change from a...

Sharing and collaborating for remote Syncplicity users: Four ideas to keep you going

Due to recent worldwide events, several companies are looking to minimize the impact of their closing offices while their workforce does remote work. For...
Six ways to work remotely

Six tips for working remotely

Events around the world are putting digital transformation to the test, as many companies adopt no-travel and work-from-home policies (of course, not all work...

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