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multi-cloud strategy

6 reasons for adopting a multi-cloud strategy

Multi-cloud simply refers to the presence of more than one cloud, sourced from different vendors. The adoption of multi-cloud is doubling year over year,...
enterprise applications

The fault lines of all enterprise applications and business are being redrawn

Technology architecture and business models are shifting and we're not going back to the "way it used to be." Providing a great experience across the...
extending API Management

Extending API Management with iPaaS–API integration the next logical step!

Ten years ago, we took on a strategy to build REST APIs for our products–to build our UI on those APIs and at the...
integration principles about HIP

Four key integration principles about HIP

According to, the market for HIP will grow from “$17.14B in 2017 to 33.6B in 2022.” So, what are the four key integration...
Iot and integration

The Internet of Things (IoT) and integration: How they work together

The Internet of Things (IoT) can do many things. But you may find the need to ask, “How do IoT and integration work so...
HIP success

Three things to ensure HIP success

Hybrid integration platforms (HIP) are taking the world by storm! With so many in place these days, what are the three necessary elements it...
hybrid integration platform capabilities

Hybrid integration platform capabilities: What are they?

Hybrid integration platform (HIP) is taking the world by storm. Everyone is going HIP! Why? Because with so many hybrid integration platform capabilities at...
What is hybrid integration?

Hybrid integration: What you need to know!

A hybrid integration platform strategy is the only viable integration strategy in the digital era to support the fast pace of innovation. The integration...
Axway ITOM

Axway Automator Customers’ Day–a good year for Axway ITOM

2018 will soon end and we can already say it will be a very good year for Axway ITOM (IT Operations Management). Axway ITOM In 2018,...
Middleware as a Service

What is a Middleware as a Service (MWaaS) Suite?

As most traditional software products have progressively turned into an "as a Service" model, this is interesting to see how middleware solutions have evolved...

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