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Axway Summit 2021 register now

Just two weeks until Axway Summit 2021. Are you ready to level up?

In just two short weeks, we will bring Axway Summit 2021 to you in a lively virtual environment that has something for everyone —...
Axway Summit 2021 Technical Tracks

Leveling up at Axway Summit 2021. Time to get technical.

Axway Summit is where you come to learn about the enterprise integration solutions that will best advance your goals. The nuts and bolts. The...
Axway Summit Solution Tracks

Axway Summit 2021 Solution Tracks. What you need to know.

Experience, perspective, strategy. You'll have to lean heavily on all of them if you want to level up to the next stage of your...

AG2R LA MONDIALE provides the best data flow experience to its customers with Axway...

Based in Paris, AG2R LA MONDIALE is a French global insurance company whose strategic focus is centered around worldwide insurance, financial services, supplemental retirement funds, and...
embrace API integration

Does your B2B/EDI team need to embrace API integration?

Many predicted that EDI and the integrations used to move these document exchanges between businesses would be dead by now. So why is it that...
Whos's driving transformation?

Who is driving your transformation?

Six months ago, if you had asked, “Who is driving your digital transformation?” the response would have been entirely different from today. Now, the...
benefits of B2B integration with iPaaS

Benefits of B2B integration with iPaaS

These days, people may wonder, what are the benefits of B2B integration with iPaaS? Consider iPaaS If you have B2B integration in your company’s reservoir, it’s...

Axway and the Phoenix Group customer success story

Axway and the Phoenix Group came together to bring about fantastic collaboration and another great customer success story via AMPLIFY B2Bi. Facts about the Phoenix...

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