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5 things to do NOW for Apple App Tracking Transparency API

In the past few weeks and months, there has been a lot of talk and controversy around Apple's new Tracking Transparency API. The IDFA The discussions...
COVID-19 Contact Tracing

International Interoperability of COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps: A view of goals & opportunities

This article discusses how to exchange COVID-19 contact tracing information between countries that use contact tracing apps and infrastructure. It takes a structured look...
David Morgan's photography of male Costas hummingbird, drinking out of an Ocotillo flower that was taken in Phoenix

Drinking our own eggnog: Axway holiday party features mobile app

'Tis the season at Axway, and this year we partied hearty in our many offices around the world. At our global headquarters in Phoenix,...

API identity: Why you need it

API identity: Why do you need it and is it necessary? To begin with, today there are so many APIs out in the world...

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