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API complexity

Why 60% of enterprises are dealing with API complexity

With the advent of the cloud, the enterprise IT landscape allowed for lines of business to operate independently and a lot faster, opening up...

Amplify Whiteboard chat #3 – API observability

In my previous Amplify Whiteoboard articles, I covered an open API Management Plane and API Discovery and Subscriptions. Today, we cover API observability and traffic...
consuming APIs and IPAs

Consuming APIs and IPAs is not that different

Beer can be brewed to perfection, but it’s up to the consumer to enjoy the golden liquid up to its very last sip. The...
Axway Summit Solution Tracks

Axway Summit 2021 Solution Tracks. What you need to know.

Experience, perspective, strategy. You'll have to lean heavily on all of them if you want to level up to the next stage of your...
Why Amplify API Management?

Securing sensitive data: Amplify API Management gives a leading U.S. healthcare provider the solution...

All across the United States, security in healthcare is a much-needed asset to deliver better patient experiences across the board. A leading U.S. healthcare provider...
API development

Why a “one-size-fits-all” approach to API development doesn’t work

There are multiple "uses for" and "approaches in" developing APIs. Which works best depends on your staff, your target outcomes, and your ability to...
embrace API integration

Does your B2B/EDI team need to embrace API integration?

Many predicted that EDI and the integrations used to move these document exchanges between businesses would be dead by now. So why is it that...
productive healthcare technology 

Why productive healthcare technology goes the distance: Part 4

In Part 3 of our last article, we delved even deeper into what it means to create a health-as-a-service open platform based on FHIR® in...

PSD2 — the electroshock and aftermath [French translation provided]

In the last years, PSD2 has been a violent electroshock for financial institutions. Banking institutions did not see it as a viable opportunity! A large...
change data capture

Event-driven API Management — Change data capture

We previously introduced why Event-driven APIs matter on the APIFriends blog. Then, last week, I introduced the need for Event-Driven API Management, what capabilities...

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