File sharing and content collaboration in healthcare

File sharing and content collaboration in healthcare

I love research. It’s just part of my DNA—seeing answers to questions, solving riddles, unlocking meaning. So, here at Axway, I have this awesome opportunity to dig into research and the even more amazing opportunity to lead several rounds of primary research with leading agencies. This particular set of research had a vertical twist –– content collaboration in healthcare.

Axway is known for its secure solutions for highly regulated industries like Healthcare. In fact, we have many subject matter experts within the company, so not only was I able to dig into what leading IT professionals in Healthcare think about File Sharing, Content Collaboration — I was able to connect with and learn from a group of really bright experts inside and outside of Axway.

Content collaboration in healthcare

First, it was a relief to know that IT leaders in Healthcare considered file sharing and content collaboration important, in fact, all of those who completed the survey felt it was important and 84.4% confirmed it was very important, and out of the group, 27% felt it was essential. Those of you reading this blog might be aware that the market is changing — maturing, so it’s important to note that while the market is changing and IT leaders are being presented with new technologies like AI, the ability to give your line of business leaders and end-users a way to securely share, is important and not going away.

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When looking at the data it struck me that all the industries in the research had “security” as the number one challenge, but the healthcare leaders had a very different second and third set of challenges. The second was replacing legacy files shares, and the third was legacy files shares that lack modern sharing and collaboration features.

content collaboration in healthcare

Shocking, not shocking

More than 83% of the IT leaders in healthcare agree that email continues to be used for file sharing. When I first started reading the data coming in, I was shocked that email is still widely used for file sharing and content collaboration across all industries. Despite the fact it creates file sprawl (think one PowerPoint presentation 20 instances across multiple inboxes) and consumes storage. I personally, find it very painful to share files via email especially when it’s for collaboration.

Data Breaches

 BreachesData breaches are concerns across all industries, but healthcare organizations are very concerned due to the amount of sensitive data they store related to patients and PII. Two areas surfaced as top reasons for data breaches — risky behavior and lack of visibility.

Healthcare organizations have a lot to manage when it comes to privacy, regulations, and interoperability between systems — as everything is increasingly digital — not to mention their core focus of patient care. Why not offload the stress of managing, securing and protecting unstructured data to a security-conscious partner — so that your teams can collaborate?

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Want more data, take a look at our infographic “File Sharing and Content Collaboration in Healthcare.