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Simplifying file and data sharing for a consultancy firm that cannot compromise on security

Syncplicity simplifies file and data sharing for a consultancy firm that cannot compromise on security

There are often two things our customers are looking for when it comes to file sharing and content collaboration–improved productivity and security. These requirements are not limited to our larger, multinational customers–they are just as important to our customers who are smaller in size, but still competing in a fast-moving digital world–therefore having the same objectives of driving productivity while ensuring security. A great example of such a customer is Theano Advisors, headquartered in Paris, France.

Theano Advisors

A smaller organization–50 employees–Theano Advisors needed a solution that reinforced their values of operational excellence and data protection. They selected Syncplicity by Axway as their file sharing and content collaboration partner.

Theano Advisors identified three basic criteria for success:

  1. Client referrals

According to Éric Mariage, Information Systems Manager at Theano Advisors, referrals were a determining factor in the decision. “Because we are constantly exchanging and collaborating with our clients, we needed to use the same tools as they do.”

  1. Flexible access-rights management

Rights management must occur in-house and with rapid implementation. “As the solution administrator, I am able to manage access rights to documents myself, with a level of reactivity and security we have never seen before,” says Mariage.

  1. Reliable security for mobile users

“It’s important to always know where our files are stored: in Europe and not in some cloud on the other side of the world,” Mariage says. “With Syncplicity, I have complete control over security and can personalize rights on my own. If a user loses a file that is not stored locally on their workstation, I simply put it back online. No more hazardous manipulations through complex hierarchies. In a matter of seconds, the documents are online once again.

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Regardless of size organizations have multiple business and security objectives they are striving to meet and it’s getting increasingly complex. Syncplicity is a great partner regardless of size, to learn more about Syncplicity for SMB and mid-market, download our infographic “Stay Above the File Sharing and Collaboration Chaos” or download a free copy of our research “Secure File Sharing & Content Collaboration for Users, IT and Security.”