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File Transfer Analytics: Addressing 5 key B2B visibility challenges

File Transfer Analytics: Addressing 5 Key B2B Visibility Challenges

Every day, organizations around the world rely on a complex network of partners, banks, vendors, and customers to conduct business. To keep up with advances in technology, increasing data volumes, and expanding connections, companies are paying closer attention to their B2B integration.

While companies continue to modernize their architecture with more open, secure, and scalable API or REST/SOAP-based web services, many companies are very reliant on a file-based transfer service. Examples include supply chain processes, such as order-to-cash and procure-to-pay. The government and healthcare sectors exchange customs documents, legal documents, health records, and business to government reports.

The Need for Proactive File Transfer Insight

A reliable file transfer service with proactive insight is a vital piece to this digital B2B ecosystem. Companies continue to wrestle with tighter internal and external transmission deadlines and SLAs, avoiding penalties and a reputation hit.

IT monitoring teams are being asked to manage the infrastructure health with fewer people. Business stakeholders are screaming for timely insight while highlighting abnormal partner business activity. The need for an efficient and easy-to-use real-time monitoring solutions that provides self-service to the business stakeholders and relieves the strain on IT Operations is a win-win and increases productivity with an eye on the customer experience.

The Best of a Platform with Time to Value App

When we discuss file transfer visibility with clients, it typically generates interest but leads to the usual “how much effort” and “how long will it take” questions.

What if we told you the work needed is minimal? What if we told you we have an app for that? It’s called Embedded Analytics for SecureTransport.

After a simple install and configuration process, business and IT users will begin to see data and value flow through the already configured dashboards at a global, partner, and file transfer level.

Embedded Analytics for SecureTransport is an analytics accelerator built on the AMPLIFY Decision Insight (ADI) product, a Forrester solution leader in B2B Operational Intelligence, offering immediate time to value for MFT analytics via native integration to Axway SecureTransport, a pre-built data model for analytics, defined user roles and approximately 15 pre-configured dashboards.

Addressing the Top 5 Challenges

The prebuilt content is focused on proactively managed file transfer infrastructure health, volume and deadline management addressing these top questions and challenges:

  1. Where’s my file?
  2. Which files are at risk of missing an internal or partner-related deadline or SLA?
  3. How do I know what the expected volume is? How do our processing volumes today compare to expected volumes?
  4. How many file transmission failures do we have now? Where did it fail and who and what is impacted?
  5. How can I easily review the audit trail or processing history of file transfer?

I the next article, we will explain how the Embedded Analytics for SecureTransport solution helps IT and business users to answer these questions and enables the identification of issues and business problems that would otherwise be difficult if not impossible to address.