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Real-time document protection and backup with Syncplicity

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Real-time document protection and backup with Syncplicity solve multiple use cases! Have you ever worried about losing your files and not being able to recover them in real time? Do you worry about the fact that you could have a ransomware attack and all your documents will be lost for good? No need to stress anymore, Syncplicity has you covered for document protection and backup.

Document protection and backup

With Syncplicity, document protection and backup at your disposal have never been easier. With real-time file synchronization, you have the Any-Folder sync element. This feature is built into Syncplicity for your protection! No other file sharing and content collaboration platform will provide this ability at your fingertips. The great thing is that it’s so simple to use for everyone. Read more about secure file sharing and content collaboration for users, IT, and security here.

For example, suppose someone needs a document right now, and it’s not available. What do you do in these situations? And let’s take this one step further, imagine that your circumstances are even more extreme, and you have a ransom attack or cybersecurity issue happening? What is the solution?

With Syncplicity at your disposal, you can use another device and recover the documents from a previous version. The real-time backup version makes backing up your documents a breeze. This element takes place automatically and transparently in the background. This helps you get back on track without loss of time.

IT not involved

As a Syncplicity user, you only need to select which files to sync. The amazing fact is that you don’t need the IT department to get involved, leaving you to fill out ticket requests and waiting for long turnarounds for a solution. Syncplicity allows you to recover your files without downtime or loss of your business. That’s a huge weight off your shoulders and fewer hassles.

Outstanding solutions make Syncplicity the superior choice for accelerating your productivity. From Any-Folder Synchronization, smart sync, device-optimized sync to group-based policies. With real-time synchronization, you can protect your folders and files right on the spot—no fuss no muss!

Find out how your organization can safeguard your documents in real time, recover files effortlessly and always be ready for deadlines at syncplicity.com.

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