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Retain complete control of shared files: Announcing Customer Managed Keys for Rights Managed Files

customer managed keys

Collaboration beyond the enterprise is a given today. Business users share content with suppliers, resellers, partners, contractors and more. However, this content cannot be secured and controlled using traditional perimeter-based approaches. But, embedding security into the files, through customer managed keys for rights management functionality can give organizations the control they need.

Last year, we announced the availability of native rights management and security capabilities. This provides security when it’s most needed i.e. when a user is sending sensitive content to external collaborators. Users can embed security controls such as document expiry, dynamic watermarking, digital claw-back, screen capture prevention and geo-fencing, to the files themselves. This ensures that files are protected even after they have left the network.

These data access controls provide users with an easy and secure solution to share files outside the organization. At the same time, IT can decide when and how to enforce the addition of rights management policies–for the whole company or just a group of users! This ability to apply security controls selectively and granularly is the “scalpel” approach to security which is in stark contrast to a “one-size-fits-all” or the “ hatchet” approach used by many of our competitors.

Customer Managed Keys

For customers who want greater control over the key management infrastructure associated with the rights managed files, today, we are announcing the availability of Customer Managed Keys through an on-premise Rights Management Server. Organizations can now choose to have rights management keys stored “in the cloud” by Syncplicity by Axway, or store them in their own data centers, completely out of the reach of Syncplicity by Axway’s servers, giving them complete control over both the content and the keys for the shared files.

While there are certainly benefits of managing keys in the cloud such as reduced overhead and speed of deployment, on-premise key management gives organizations ultimate control of both the content and the customer keys. Introduction of this capability was added to both the breadth and the granularity of Syncplicity by Axway.

Extending comprehensive & granular security

Deploying EFSS solutions at enterprise-scale requires organizations to have two things:

  1. A comprehensive range of security and control options
  2. An ability to apply these controls in a granular way through policies and use them like a scalpel

With Syncplicity by Axway, organizations have the widest range security & control options in the industry that now include:

  • Hybrid cloud storage with StorageVaults for compliance and data residency
  • StorageVault Authentication for additional privacy protection
  • Secure Shared Files for embedding rights management into the shared files
  • Customer Managed Keys for controlling the keys for rights-protected files

More importantly, these options can all be managed through policies that allow you to pick and choose the content and groups that need them the most. This “scalpel approach” which allows granular application of security capabilities differentiates Syncplicity by Axway from the other vendors in the market.

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