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Content collaboration works better with Microsoft + Axway’s Syncplicity

Content Collaboration Platforms Integration: Microsoft + Axway’s Syncplicity.

The advent of the cloud has dramatically increased the number of online storage and collaboration solutions. When it comes to content collaboration platforms integration, the number-one player in the market remains Microsoft.

Eighty percent of Fortune 500 companies run on the Microsoft Cloud management and collaboration platform. Microsoft Office 365 offers cloud productivity apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. As well as collaboration services like Skype and OneDrive Business file storage service in the cloud.

When you need something more

Some use OneDrive for storing Office 365 documents and sharing them with team members. Yet, when an organization has complex requirements and use cases, there are times when it’s not enough. For example, a pharmaceutical company that needs secure access to files from anywhere with any device. Or, a manufacturing company that needs to securely share large files seamlessly and continuously with third parties. In these cases, there are security requirements to help ensure data sovereignty across regions. Also, as integrations with legacy infrastructure—whether on-premises or a public or private cloud.

With Axway’s Syncplicity content collaboration platforms, you can seamlessly integrate Office 365. This provides a comprehensive solution for team collaboration. With Microsoft Office 365 combined with Syncplicity, you get more extensive content management capabilities to securely share large files with partners, vendors or suppliers.

Improved file management

The evolution from traditional on-premises systems to the cloud has increased the amount of complexity around file management. With highly commoditized file storage options like Dropbox and Box entering the market, we see the rise of a tangled mess of departmentally. Driven solutions that don’t align with IT security requirements. This creates silos that slow productivity and adds unnecessary complexity to the simple task of sharing a file.

While content collaboration platforms like Dropbox and Box provide great storage capabilities, they don’t offer you storage choice. For security-conscious customers, Syncplicity offers enterprise-wide file sharing and collaboration that ensures hyper-sensitive data like financials, customer data is secure.

Syncplicity’s centralized approach: built with next-generation global content protection and security controls in mind, ensures IT has central control and accessibility to all content. This ensures compliance standards such as GDPR have adhered at all times.

Share and access

As a “storage agnostic” content collaboration platform, Syncplicity allows you to share and access content anytime, anywhere. This allows regardless of where the files are stored—whether on-premises or cloud. By decoupling file storage from collaboration, enterprises who have a complex infrastructure have options to meet their unique needs now and into the future.

If you’re an Office 365 customer and want to store some of your Office files on-premises, Syncplicity gives you that option while keeping your less sensitive files in the Azure cloud.

Sharing files outside the company

OneDrive is designed for saving and working with Microsoft files within your enterprise. Yet, users often run into issues when they want to securely share a file with multiple people or entire groups outside of the company. This often results in a search for the workaround and alternative solutions ranging from e-mail (if the files are small enough) to mailing external hard drives with sensitive information.

Office 365 serves as a solid foundation that offers a complete suite of productivity tools at your fingertips. If you’re struggling to support complex use cases such as the need to share valuable information in a secure fashion, Syncplicity offers the best integrations with Office 365. This in addition to additional capabilities, flexibility and security today’s digital enterprises require.

Syncplicity integration with Office 365 creates a unified digital workspace. This is powerful and secure, while flexible enough to work with any type of unstructured data across the enterprise and beyond files on the desktop.

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