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Affiliate sharing: Helping enterprises build their digital ecosystem of trust

Affiliate Sharing

In a recent Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) research study, 98% of IT and security professionals were extremely concerned with having technologies in place to ensure policies are applied to the sharing of sensitive data. Welcome to our newest product enhancement, affiliate sharing.

Affiliate sharing

Our newest product enhancement, affiliate sharing, does just that. Affiliate sharing extends sharing and collaboration capabilities. This includes a trusted network of specific partners and customers. In essence, helping enterprises build their digital ecosystem of trust.

IT often blocks external sharing due to the perceived security risks. But their digital workers are looking for ways to share large files and folders with partners and customers, even if that means using consumer (shadow IT) file sharing tools. Our latest product enhancement gives digital workers a secure and seamless way to share files and folders within their digital ecosystem. This builds a “trusted network,” while maintaining the level of security control required by IT.

“External sharing is critical to Texas A&M University, and Syncplicity by Axway’s new controls give me confidence that my teams can share files and folders securely among our trusted group of organizations,” said Danny Miller, CISO System Chief Information Security Officer at Texas A&M University.

“In today’s digital world, the firewall is no longer the boundary for data and information sharing. These new Syncplicity by Axway enhancements enable us to lock down sharing within a trusted group of affiliated organizations, helping us stay compliant and secure–maintaining central control while enabling easy end-user collaboration.”

Affiliate sharing offers a comprehensive set of controls

  • Build a trusted digital environment for extending file sharing with partners and customers by assigning specific groups of users the domains with whom external sharing is approved.
  • Extend security controls and sharing policies to both outbound and inbound folder sharing separately, based on Active Directory group membership.
  • Leverage new folder re-sharing rights control to override company-wide and group-based external sharing policies to ensure that users who are approved to share externally cannot expose specific confidential information.
  • Shut down data leakage by optionally setting inbound folder sharing for specific groups of users to be read-only.

To start building your digital ecosystem of trust, check out the new additions to Syncplicity by Axway’s group-based policies and security controls. Or, to learn more about these and other security features contact your Syncplicity by Axway Customer Success Manager.


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