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5 ways to transform how you work

access to files

Syncplicity by Axway is being deployed in enterprises at a massive scale. When we were first acquired Syncplicity by Axway, the user base and average size per account were increasing nicely.

With the addition of on-premise storage and many new enterprise features throughout 2013, we’ve seen a major leap in average deployment size with access to files. But it’s not just the sheer size of deployments that amazes me—it’s that file syncing and sharing are fundamentally changing the way large teams and organizations work.

Access to files anytime, on any device

We depend on more devices than ever, and we need access to files on the go. Sync and share solutions make it easy…but not all of them are easy to use. Syncplicity by Axway provides access to files without having to drag-and-drop them to a special folder or upload them to a service. It provides access to the most recent file versions for all devices, with no extra steps. Read about secure file sharing and content collaboration for users, IT and security here.

Collaborate efficiently

The most common collaboration system in use today is something that wasn’t built for collaboration at all—e-mail. It’s not secure, there’s no version control, and it’s difficult to keep track of documents. Collaboration is a continuous people-driven process, not a technology. With Syncplicity by Axway, sharing files is as easy as posting a picture on Facebook, but provides the enterprise-grade security, version tracking, and file backup that people need. 

Distribute files to a highly remote workforce

For departments and project teams, the ability to distribute and update files is essential. For example, EMC uses Syncplicity by Axway to distribute presentations, sales training, partner enablement materials, and video assets.

Our customers use it to share everything from product information in the life sciences to standard operating procedures in manufacturing. Traditional portals aren’t good at file distribution; while it’s easy to post new versions of documents, users rarely keep current by downloading them, especially if they work from multiple computers and devices. Syncplicity by Axway streamlines this process and ensures that everyone’s files are up to date.

Send large files securely

Files are getting larger—video, CAD and even simple PowerPoints (our keynotes at EMC World were almost 100MB!). E-mail isn’t meant for sending large files and FTP sites are complicated.

Syncplicity by Axway recently added Secure Shared Links so you can send a file of any size from any shared folder with a simple click. You can also track who has downloaded the file and set permissions to ensure that it isn’t forwarded to competitors or other unauthorized users, which is critical for sales contracts, proposals and other sensitive business information.

Protect your desktop documents and never miss a beat

Most of us have desktop backup solutions in place but if your computer dies, how fast can you get back to full productivity? Syncplicity by Axway keeps files synced in real time, so when one computer goes down, you can access your documents on a mobile device or instantly download them to a loaner machine.

The vast majority of business collaboration is free flowing in nature and we need solutions that facilitate teamwork and enhance productivity. Enterprise-grade sync and share solutions, like Syncplicity by Axway, have evolved well beyond consumer-oriented features for sharing files, photos, and songs. They have become the new way we access, share, and collaborate across boundaries and have fundamentally changed the way we work.

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