Managed Cloud: MFT

How modernizing your Managed File Transfer Solution helps with industry consolidation

industry consolidation

Hey IT Leaders, it’s Time to Modernize Your Legacy Systems and Build an Infrastructure Supporting Digital Business! But how and from which point to start?

Industry consolidation does not leave many choices to organizations in terms of digital transformation. It is now or never in order to keep business performance high and not get lost in the digital economy.

What are key benefits of successful digital transformation?

  • Faster Time-To-Market
  • Accelerating Innovation & differentiation
  • Growing market share

How to make it happen?

The digital world is changing the way companies exchange and share files. To adapt to new file transfer requirements, companies need to connect traditional MFT technologies with lifecycle API management capabilities.

For the average company, 80% of data exists as files and that file-traffic volume continues to grow at 20-25% year over year. Ovum, a global research and analyst firm, determined that 32% of business-critical processes involve file transfers. Behind the scenes, a legacy of custom patchwork and aging infrastructure has grown over time to shuttle files between disparate applications, servers, and partners. This complexity reduces business visibility, hinders quality of service, and increases vulnerability to data breaches, resulting in regulatory fines, customer service issues, and commercial penalties for failing to meet service level agreements.

Hear more from Axway’s global solution leader, Brice Flamant on how to leverage industry consolidation and adapt your business for the future!