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Watch out Latin America. Here comes Syncplicity by Axway for consumer-focused solutions

Consumer-focused solutions

Today, Syncplicity by Axway announced plans to expand its footprint in Latin America by leveraging our partner network and increasing support for resellers. As the newly appointed head of sales in the region, I am excited and honored to lead this initiative for consumer-focused solutions.

The Latin American market for consumer-grade file sync and share solutions such as Dropbox and Google Drive is growing exponentially.

Consumer-focused solutions

Consumer-focused solutions, which allow users to synchronize and share files across desktops, laptops, and smartphones, are effective and convenient. However, they lack security features that are critical to the enterprise.

Most notably, consumer-grade solutions store data in public clouds, which is a breach of most corporate IT policies and a huge problem for the enterprise. Although well-meaning employees want to share work-related content with colleagues, doing so with consumer solutions increases compliance risk, and potentially exposes corporate data to outsiders.

As consumer-grade solutions gain popularity, Latin American companies are turning to enterprise-grade file sync and share (EFSS) solutions like Syncplicity by Axway for several key reasons. Read about the 7 strategic guidelines for an effective EFSS solution.

  • Hybrid implementations enable companies to store securely sensitive information on-premises while keeping non-sensitive or consumer-facing information in a public cloud.
  • In sectors like government, healthcare, finance, banking, insurance, energy, and manufacturing, it is extremely important to protect content across its entire lifecycle, from creation to management, distribution, and eventual disposal or archiving.
  • Enterprise-only features like information rights management (IRM) are a must-have in order to adequately protect corporate information across its lifecycle.

A plan in place

My plan is to work diligently to expand our network of partners in the region and to increase our level of support to resellers in our strategic market segments. Syncplicity by Axway is the premier enterprise-level file sync and share the solution.

I personally couldn’t be more excited to bring our robust EFSS and deep knowledge of enterprise-level security to the Latin American market. — Gonzalo Merchan, Syncplicity Head of Sales and Business Development Latin America

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