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The challenges of B2B integration and collaboration

challenges of B2Bi and collaboration

The current market increasingly demands systems integration and collaboration with its entire ecosystem of business partners. The goal is to ensure greater exchange between customers, suppliers, and logistics operators, among others, which generally allows greater agility in projects and business.

The use of business systems and applications by companies is growing fast. It ranges from traditional enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management systems to on-premises and cloud applications that handle transaction-based data.

Challenges of B2Bi and collaboration

This growth brings new challenges for companies: knowing how to manage data with multiple formats, integrating new communication channels, and ensuring the security and governance of that data.

Integration platforms and APIs simplify the creation of communication interfaces and allow the company to scale resources whenever necessary. AMPLIFY™ Application Integration, part of the AMPLIFY platform, is an example of a tool that provides resources for integrating applications that span multiple domains, people, endpoints, and deployment architectures. Applications can be deployed in the cloud, on-premises, or both.

We have more than 150 of these pre-built integrations, which include names like SAP HANA, SalesForce, Slack, and Marketo. Using these pre-built connections allows you to integrate your applications in hours instead of days or months.

With B2B integration it is possible to have real-time visibility, simplified partner integration and configuration, high security and scalability, system administration, and support for industry standards, including AS4.

Also, Axway’s AMPLIFY platform makes it possible to integrate new cloud applications, legacy systems, and partners that integrate via traditional protocols into a single solution.

In this B2B collaboration scenario, companies are discovering the value of leaving integration strictly ground-based to migrate to a managed cloud service. Therefore, they can reduce costs and work in a configuration to adapt, compete, and win.

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