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The role of the API Product Manager

API Product Manager

Many people wonder, what is the real role of the API Product Manager. For starters, the role is vast and all-encompassing. The role lies in the middle of the API producer and an API consumer. The API Product Manager’s role is important for being treated as an API Product. It unifies the ability of a researcher and a tech-savvy person.

A unique role of the API Product Manager

The API Product Manager has the important role of optimizing developer experience, as well as managing the API Product roadmap, which brings great value to the APIs. For example, like a doctor’s role in diagnosing your ailment, they must be able to diagnose what is important and usable in an APIs process. According to the book, Inspired, it states that an API Product Manager should “Discover a product that is valuable, usable and feasible.”

An APIs value

On a basic level, an API needs to deliver value—pure and simple. This is the primary responsibility, as well as research and testing. They need to fully comprehend the dynamics of the API landscape, along with their necessities and requirements.

Owning up

Ownership is another major role that must be accountable for on a daily basis. APIs are a complex maze of responsibility, and it’s the duty of the API Product Manager to take accountability for the APIs delivery and needs of the customer. Keep in mind that constancy and endurance are crucial components for the API Product Manager to convey in their role. An API Product Manager needs to be fully ensconced in all-things API from tech writers to the creation of an APIs documentation. This brings about the best customer experience.


Don’t be fooled! The role is a wide-ranging position. The API Product Manager needs to fill the bill for wearing many hats, from being a tester and researcher to being a tech-savvy manager, to name just a few. In today’s fast-moving world, APIs are now being used more than ever before. This demands a great need for one central place to keep an eye on an APIs security and know-how. Therefore, the role is a vital and necessary responsibility.

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