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API Roundup – Latest API news for February 2019

API Roundup – The latest API news for February 2019

It’s that time again: a summary of the latest API news stories over the last two weeks. Here’s the latest API News for February 2019.

Global API Management market to exhibit Remarkable growth with top key vendors

API management is the process of creating and publishing Web APIs, applying usage policies, controlling access, fostering subscriber communities, collecting and analyzing usage statistics, and reporting performance.

The main objective of this report is to define, describe, and forecast the global API management market on the basis of solutions, services, deployment types, organization sizes, industries, and regions.

The main forces driving the API management market are increasing demand for personal APIs and open APIs, increasing the popularity of web APIs, and increasing mobile device users. The API management market is growing rapidly to manage increasing API traffic.

Read the full article on Marketwatch.

Amazon says babies now have their own Alexa API for childcare smart home gadgets

It may not be too surprising to learn that new parents use Amazon a lot, for diapers, formula, and all manner of other childcare products that, in earlier times, you’d have to trek out to the store to buy in the middle of the night.

So Amazon decided it was due time babies got their very own Alexa application programming interface, because you’re not a viable segment of the population unless you have a dedicated digital voice assistant API.

Read the article on The Verge.

Six Ways to Scale Enterprise-Level APIs and Microservices [INFOGRAPHIC]

Enterprise-level APIs and microservices are maturing — empowering innovation like never before and the creation of nimble apps that can rapidly respond to market changes. And with this growth comes the need to scale as APIs and microservices move from what was once a technology for bleeding edge innovators to the foundation for widespread digital transformation.

Read this instructional infographic.

Dan Tortorici API Management video series

Axway’s Senior Director, Product and Solutions Marketing, began his API video and microservices architecture series with terrific knowledge and wisdom on all-things APIs. This talks about the wonderful benefits of robust APIs and how they can propel your company to the next level. Here is a playlist where you can watch the latest of the videos.

API ecosystem: What’s it all about?

An API ecosystem evolves when APIs work toward digital transformation.

At the very origins of any digital transformation, you must have an API road map in place to move forward for a sound strategy. With so many APIs enabling companies to take their products to the next level, APIs grow with each other to produce positive results for everyone. This brings together a fluid API ecosystem that works concurrently to bring about digital transformation.

Read the full article.

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