Application Integration

Is your integration platform meeting today’s business demands?

integration platform demands

Hybrid integration platforms (HIP) are the wave of the future. If your company isn’t looking at HIP technology, maybe you should ask yourself, what challenges can a hybrid integration platform help me solve? Thus, what are the integration platform demands to overcome?

Integration platform demands

Today’s world is moving rapidly. People want their items delivered as soon as they hit the order button. According to, September 2018, “platforms will have to be upgraded to support disruptive technology that did not exist even two years ago.” Let’s face it, if your company is using outdated technology, you are basically lagging where your company needs to be to stay competitive. Specifically, what is some necessary integration platform demands you need to address to stay viable?

For example, new API first integration is becoming a requirement, in additional to traditional integration patterns like file, transactions and messages. Living in the past simply won’t cut it anymore. Companies need to have swifter integration capabilities at their disposal. Without updated technology, your company can not have a sustainable solution for digital transformation.

One place for discovery, deployment and use of integrations

To speed integration, companies are recognizing the need for one place for developers, ad-hoc integrators, partners and integration specialists to go for integration. Hybrid integration platforms act like this one central station. With this concept in hand, data that needs to be obtained from different sources is now available from one hub station. This allows your company to have control over their data while simplifying the use of it. Further, with a hybrid integration platform, you can now fuse different sourced data into one new application. Any system or data can be integrated together for smoother digital transformation.


To keep up with the business and integration platform demands, companies must keep up with changing times. Being in the know with new competencies and practices is where companies will conquer integration platform demands. Learn about all things HIP in the resource center here.

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