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Are you a leader or a laggard when it comes to hybrid integration?

Are you a leader or a laggard when it comes to hybrid integration?

Ever wish you could get a checkup on how your company’s IT is performing relative to others? Reviewing Axway’s primary research on hybrid integration platforms is a good way to see where others are in their pains, problems and approaches to hybrid integration. We shared the insights from 550 senior IT leaders that reveal where they are in their journey, but how about you? How does your company rank?

Self-assessment tool

We have developed a self-assessment tool that asks you nine questions that we asked in the original survey. If you spend three minutes to answer the questions, we will show you how you ranked against other IT organizations.

Specifically, we will score your answers and see whether you are:

  • Struggling
  • Reacting
  • Experimenting
  • or Disrupting

We will then provide a full report with recommendations on suggested next steps. For example, if you are “Reacting”:

  • You are probably struggling to keep up with the pace of change that the business is demanding
  • New applications and the integration requirements needed to support them are overwhelming your team’s ability to react
  • Even though you may be short-staffed, we recommend you pull a team together to investigate hybrid integration platforms and how they might impact your ability to innovate

Hybrid integration platform benchmark

Many companies are working hard to close gaps, but they don’t take the time to benchmark themselves and see if there might be a better way to accomplish integration. Hybrid integration has emerged to address the multiple integration patterns, multiple architectures, multiple end-points and multiple personas that face your company today.

What are you waiting for? Head over to the Hybrid Integration Benchmark Assessment.

Axway hybrid integration platform AMPLIFY(TM) can help you modernize, extend and innovate your integration services to become the hero, not the roadblock to digital transformation. Read if you are not planning for hybrid integration, you are already late.

Read the slide deck with insights from Axway’s 2019 hybrid integration survey.