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How to speed IT transformation with a hybrid integration platform

hybrid integration platforms

In a survey of 500 IT decision-makers, 92% said “legacy and conventional IT systems are hindering their digital business goals. Yet, 33% of annual IT budgets are still being spent on legacy systems.” Why is this the case? If you are still stuck in the old ways with outdated software, you are not competing at the optimum level for digital transformation. Hybrid integration platforms can be your answer!

Hybrid integration platforms

Modernizing with the hybrid integration platform AMPLIFY™ (HIP) is a step in the right direction. Companies are now starting on their HIP journey and updating their IT infrastructures to support more APIs and hybrid integration.

So, what exactly does Axway’s hybrid integration platform AMPLIFY™ enable your company to do? For starters, you can unleash data that is trapped in legacy systems. Second, it can let you integrate new processes and data to adapt to changing business needs that are a must in today’s marketplace.

Lower costs

Consequently, lowering costs is what every company wants at the end of the day! The hybrid integration platform AMPLIFY™ can enable ad-hoc integrators to start accomplishing integration without burdening IT specialists. This can lower your cost while increasing your level of service. A win-win for everybody!

Security—every company’s requirement

Furthermore, let’s not forget about security and compliance. With HIP, you can place all integration patterns under central IT policy and control.

Let’s face it, if you want to compete, you need the latest and greatest technology at your disposal. Hybrid integration platforms allow you the best-case scenario to compete in the marketplace by supporting APIs, as well as traditional integration patterns.

Improve your digital transformation projects with hybrid integration. What are you waiting for? You can accelerate the future today!

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