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Colombeia SAS and Axway partner for sound results with MFT and B2Bi

Colombeia SAS and Axway have partnered for the last four years with outstanding results for the countries of Colombia and Venezuela. Axway’s Managed File Transfer (MFT) and B2Bi solutions have provided Colombeia SAS’s customers with a go-to solution to solve their technological needs.

Colombeia SAS

Colombeia SAS is a prominent company that provides technology outcomes within Latin America and the Caribbean. They provide a wide range of services with a large portfolio for innovative results.

With more than 100 customers, 10,000 transactions, 200 companies and over 5,000 users, Colombeia SAS deliver effective results that have been adapted to many different sectors. Colombeia SAS’s approach meets the needs of its clients by providing tailor-made answers for their technology needs. Each customer requires a different approach to their business objectives, Colombeia SAS meets the challenge head-on.

“We started working with MFT and got our customer base for those solutions where customers can exchange information with their clients. We are also working with the B2Bi solution.” Davor Bajlo, Director of Technology at Colombeia SAS

AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer

The AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer solution delivers many benefits to its customers. Colombeia SAS is not just helping the customer to decide what solution they would like to choose, they are working specifically with the implementation and support factor. Furthermore, they provide training for better customer benefits and outcomes.

With many of their customers, they have one of the biggest MFT implementations with more than 5,000 utilizing the solution. This specific client is very precise that their solution and the environment adhere to both privacy and security, along with automation. Discover a real-world demo of AMPLIFY MFT.


Additionally, AMPLIFY B2Bi provides its customers with more than just sound integration, B2Bi allows a company to be able to orchestrate business interactions within the enterprise. This allows for high-level availability which offers a strong solution.

The reality is that B2Bi affords a safe arrangement that enables large companies to navigate around digital spaces from data validation and compliance. Data validation is a necessary factor for a strong delivery. The guarantee of protection for your data is a hot topic and B2Bi provides a wide-ranging foundation for Colombeia’s clients.

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In today’s world, B2Bi cloud, hybrid, plus integration, are shaking up the landscape. Read all about what you need to know about hybrid integration. By supporting the quick integration of data and validation, Colembeia’s clients know they are in safe hands.

Colombeia SAS and Axway

“Colombeia SAS is very excited about the new solution and they are seeing many more strategic moves in the MFT direction, says Davor. By partnering with Axway, they are able to bring this streamlined solution to their customers for excellent results.

Learn more about how you can support a modern and streamlined MFT ecosystem.