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Axway represents at the Nordic APIs Summit in Austin

Axway at the Nordic APIs Summit in Austin

API product owners, platform architects, developers and CTOs gathered last week for the Nordic APIs second annual Austin API Summit. This year’s summit focused on critical insights on building success in the API ecosystem. There were two tracks: a business track and a technical track. Further, there were over 40 speakers presenting on advanced API platform strategies. The Austin API Summit doubled in size from last year with about 200 attendees!

Austin API Summit

Axway took part as a sponsor and was joined by customers and strategic technology partners. Attendees that stopped by the Axway booth, could pick up “I see the Future Through APIs” t-shirts and cool laptop stickers, both featuring the Axway Griffin.

Axway speakers

A major theme of the summit was “Empowering Your Platform Model with Advanced API Strategies.” Axway’s Catalyst team was on hand to share their thought leadership at the summit. Axway’s API Strategist, Emmelyn Wang, spoke about API and Platform Transformation Patterns to Power Your Business. The presentation was full of examples and truly provided critical insights on building success in the API ecosystem. Axway’s Developer Relations Lead, Brenton House, spoke about Achieving Microservices Maturity and even presented a demonstration of how easily this can be accomplished using the Axway AMPLIFY™ platform.

API Summit Austin
Members of the Axway Catalyst team at API Summit Austin

Axway partners

Axway was proud to be joined by strategic partners on stage and in the exhibition hall. Francois Lascelles, CTO at Ping Identity, presented “Hackers vs. AI.” Francois shared how AI is used to thwart API vulnerabilities, citing examples. As a strategic Axway partner, the Ping Identity product, PingIntelligence, integrates with the AMPLIFY Platform to provide cybersecurity for API Management. Read why APIs and API Management are so important. AI was featured in a couple of sessions and really seems to be a burgeoning force in API usage and security.

Chase Doelling, Head of Product and Alliances Marketing at Cloud Elements spoke at three sessions highlighting best practices for how to sell your integrations and how to “market to” and reach developers who don’t traditionally like being marketed to. Chase is an excellent speaker on these topics and has a very effective and unique way of presenting his content.

At the conclusion of the Austin API Summit on Wednesday, it was Axway that not only had the ability in its AMPLIFY Platform to build our customer’s success in the API Ecosystem, but we also have the talent and thought leadership through our Catalyst team leading the way. Attendees that our Axway representatives spoke about understanding how Axway succeeds for the future. We are looking forward to seeing everyone in Austin next year!

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