Application Integration

Arrow: Connect to Any Data Source in Minutes – Really?

Appcelerator Arrow

The tech industry is swimming in hyperbole. Almost every vendor claims they’ll make you faster, richer, thinner… you know the script. That’s why the response is usually, “Terrific. Love your slides. I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Where does that leave us here at Appcelerator? Our homepage makes one heck of a claim — that Appcelerator Arrow will “mobilize your data in minutes.” If you’ve been in the development game for any length of time, you know how farfetched this sounds. Getting at backend data, especially for use in a mobile app, usually means weeks spent negotiating cumbersome, poorly documented APIs, configured for pre-mobile data formats and payload sizes.

So. Anticipating some skepticism toward our claim, we challenged one of our sales engineers to prove it. Watch our own Leor Brenman create mobile-optimized APIs to Salesforce, without writing a line of code — all in a couple of minutes:

We promise the above was filmed in real time, with no CGI or other special effects.

If you’re still not convinced, jump into the Platform right now and try it for yourself!