Application Integration

Evolution and growth of APIs. How building and managing APIs has changed over the years.

APIs accelerating innovation

With so many APIs accelerating innovation in the world, companies are getting on the API movement in a big way. The real beauty of APIs is that you can implement an API from just about anywhere. In fact, APIs are accelerating innovation on a daily basis. For example, you utilize APIs right from your phone while you are purchasing a movie ticket or a sweater. Or, you can just sit at your desk and utilize other technology.

APIs accelerating innovation

About five or six years ago, companies would create their own API Management platform capabilities, similar to what we see happening today with microservices. The sustainability of this model dictates that it can only work up to a certain point. In the end, a company taking this approach will not be able to keep up with all the API Management vendors out there because they cannot compete with their API capabilities.

Cut to the chase

By utilizing the model of taking on API Management in-house, what you end up with is higher costs for your company—always a bad conclusion. The end result is that “you wind up moving from something that’s homegrown to a platform that’s available to third parties.” This concept is certainly a highly aggressive playing field.


What are benefits to be on this API track? In the end, “the functionality around reliability, scalability and security.” This allows new directions for possible attacks through APIs to be potentially thwarted. API Management helps to approach the problem through a secure and sound method. With API Management capabilities, you can protect your APIs at a higher level than with in-house capabilities.

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