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API News Roundup – October 2019

API News Roundup - October 2019

We are officially two weeks into the fall season. That means the leaves are changing, the fall harvests have begun, and… it also means it’s time for our October API News Roundup. And there’s Big API news this month as Gartner releases its 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Full Life Cycle API Management. But that’s not the only API News we have for you. So sit back, pour a glass of apple cider and take a look at this month’s API headlines.

Axway Named a Leader in Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant for Full Life Cycle API Management

“High-performing Enterprise customers are leveraging strong API strategies to drive their growth in a digital world. It isn’t enough to have security, governance and management of APIs – you need to have a strong platform to create and drive their consumption,” said Axway CEO Patrick Donovan. “We partner with our customers to deliver value through thought-leadership and technologies to make their API and digital strategies a success.”

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Microsoft says .NET Framework porting project is finished: If your API’s not on the list, it’s not getting in

Microsoft’s .NET Core 3.0 team is done with the project to port the venerable .NET Framework API to the open source platform.

Program Manager Immo Landwerth made the announcement in the form of an issue on GitHub (where else?) and stated that the gang had reached the point where it reckoned that everything needed for “modern workloads” had been ported.

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API innovation for healthcare with new Verification Router Service (VRS) Solution

“While the U.S. has a very safe pharmaceutical supply chain, returned drugs are an area that has been exploited to insert fake, substandard product into the supply chain,” said Marcus Chang, Track & Trace Product Manager at Axway. “Axway VRS provides an interoperable and automated solution to allow wholesale distributors the ability to verify the product identifiers of returned products with the product manufacturers.”

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Instagram launches Basic Display API and will deprecate its predecessor

Facebook has announced on its developer blog that Instagram is launching the full Basic Display API and deprecating its predecessor.

The final permission, Basic Permission, is being migrated from the Instagram Legacy API starting today.

With the migration of this final permission, the Basic Display API is now able to do all the expected interactions with Instagram such as importing photos, connect to Instagram profiles, and more.

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What airports can teach us about API security

Frequent travel through airports across the United States has influenced my views on security best practices for application programming interfaces. U.S. airport security has evolved into a federated model of collaboration between state authorities, airlines and the Transportation Security Administration incorporating terminal concourse design constraints, a multiplicity of access control mechanisms and constant monitoring.

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Why API-first software development leads to shiny API people

An application programming interface (API) enables software developers to gain access to other pieces of code via a single programmatic connection and has been a fundamental time-saver in software development. As the mantra goes, “Don’t reinvent the wheel.” So if a piece of code or an algorithm has already been coded, and there is an API available to access it, why not use this instead of writing something similar from scratch?

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“Creating Customer Experiences in a Multiexperience World” | Brian Otten @ API World 2019

What’s omniexperience? Hint: It’s not about you!

What’s omniexperience? An omnichannel strategy harmonizes the customer’s path into your organization. It’s about unifying the customer’s experience within your organization’s processes (often a sales or customer service process).

Today’s digital natives are the “experience” generation — and they demand more.

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Thank you for reading our API News roundup – October 2019 edition. We will see you again next month with more API headlines.

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