Windows Office integration: Syncplicity by Axway has you covered

Windows Office integration
Windows Office integration

Building on our existing Windows Office integration, we recently announced the release of Syncplicity by Axway’s universal add-in for Office 365. Why Office 365? Because we’re planning for your future. In fact, we’re helping define it.

Imagine your users with the ability to share any size file by linking to it directly from Outlook 365 no e-mail attachments involved. Imagine the cost savings achieved by centrally storing one copy of a file instead of 50 e-mail attachments. And, imagine robust enterprise-grade security controls such as a link expiry, document-specific passwords, information rights management, group-based permission policies and true cross-platform, cross-device functionality.

You can stop imagining! Because Syncplicity by Axway already has it all.

Windows Office integration

As the technology landscape continues to evolve, Syncplicity by Axway is thinking ahead. We are providing solutions that meet the needs of the digital enterprise. How we do this?  We offer IT flexibility and choice around local and cloud-based solutions.

When the day comes for you to put one foot in the cloud, our Office 365 Outlook add-in means Syncplicity by Axway is one less thing you’ll have to worry about.

“Syncplicity’s goal is to help transform the digital workplace by empowering users to be more productive. With Office 365 becoming a platform of choice for large enterprises, the new Syncplicity by Axway Outlook add-in does just that,” said former Syncplicity by Axway CEO Jon Huberman.

“This new feature removes a pain point for Office 365 users, reduces infrastructure costs associated with large e-mail attachments, and gives organizations more control over the security of their content.”

As a member of the Microsoft Cloud Storage Partner Program (CSPP), we’ll continue to develop solutions to enhance Microsoft Office collaboration. This helps us work closely with our enterprise customers to ensure you’re prepared for the digital workplace of the future.

Read more about our partnership with Microsoft and the CSPP here.

Read “Syncplicity by Axway Microsoft Outlook Add-in for Office 365 to Transform the Digital Workplace” press release here.

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