Transformation and enterprise: How Syncplicity is transforming the digital workplace?

transformation and enterprise
transformation and enterprise

Walking around Syncplicity by Axway’s office, you hear two words popping up all over the place: transformation and enterprise. They are passed back and forth between gulps of espresso and Red Bull. They come alive during heated debates and stand proudly as pillars of our product roadmap.

We’ve always developed solutions that integrate with Microsoft solutions. When we joined Microsoft’s Cloud Storage Partner Program (CSPP), we were presented with an opportunity to add a whole new dimension. (Read about Syncplicity and Microsoft working together here.)

Fueled by our mission for transformation and enterprise, we immediately began work on native integrations. This addresses our enterprise customers’ greatest needs.

Transformation and enterprise

We recently announced the first of these new products: A Universal Outlook Add-in for Office 365. There is more to come. Beginning with in-use file notifications, which will enhance collaboration on Office files and add capabilities to document creation and workflow editing.

“Our customer base is the enterprise, and our product roadmap is focused on their needs,” said former Syncplicity by Axway CEO Jon Huberman. “Developing enterprise-grade solutions with a deep level of native integration takes a lot of work and investment.

In 2015, we kicked off development efforts to eliminate pain points for Office 365 users. This helps IT prepare for the addition of cloud-based Office solutions. Our future development efforts will continue to leverage our Microsoft partnership to make the digital transformation and enterprise a reality.”

Coordinating closely

We are passionate about meeting the requirements of our enterprise customers. Yet, we want to offer cloud and mobile-first experiences to their end-users. By coordinating closely with our enterprise customers, we ensure that our development efforts maintain a strict focus on their needs.

Partnering directly with Microsoft presents a world of opportunity for new enterprise-grade features and capabilities. This creates the digital workplace of the future, and we intend to take it as far as it can go!

For more information on Syncplicity by Axway and Microsoft click here.

Read “Syncplicity by Axway Microsoft Outlook Add-in for Office 365 to Transform the Digital Workplace” press release here.


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