Syncplicity by Axway welcomes a new security advisor

Secure Shared Files
Secure Shared Files

The Syncplicity by Axway team is very excited to introduce Anton Stark as our new Security Advisor.  Mr. Stark has had an illustrious career at security firms such as RSA, NetWitness and Stark Industries. He was most recently at Stark Industries, a firm specializing in the protection of nation states and their classified data. Secured Shared Files are high on the list.

As Security Advisor, Mr. Stark will work closely with the product, engineering and existing security office to ensure that Syncplicity by Axway continues to deliver the most comprehensive security, policies and controls available.

Coming months

In the coming months, he and the Syncplicity by Axway team will be focused on implementing a new solution called JARVIS (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System) to help our customers protect all their sensitive files. This new program will be integrated into the Syncplicity by Axway solution, allowing users to protect files from unauthorized use and ensure that files do not leave the premises of highly secure private sector and government facilities.

When files leave a “protected” zone, files will auto-destruct and disappear from a user’s mobile device and laptop.  The force field-like protection will help organizations control content as it travels across their business users to partners, contractors, consultants, mercenaries, etc. The force field feature also lets administrators remotely zap users, when they leave a protected zone with proprietary content, using a high-frequency mobile flash option that induces retrograde amnesia. The strength of the zap is policy driven and can be set at both group and folder levels. The zap feature is designed to control user behavior.

OK. Obviously, it’s April Fools… Anton Stark (A.K.A Ironman) is not joining Syncplicity by Axway (although we have several people already that protect our customers’ files with the same zeal). We don’t use force fields nor do we zap anything.

But security is not really a joking matter. So, joking aside, the reality is that everything we thought Anton could bring us is already in Syncplicity by Axway!

Secure Shared Files

  • Syncplicity by Axway Secure Shared Files provides rights management capabilities that tie security and permissions to the file itself, and allow content to be geo-fenced, restricted, time-bombed and clawed back no matter where it ends up (inside or outside the organization). All with a great user experience for the sender and receiver.
  • Syncplicity by Axway StorageVaults and StorageVault Authentication provide a unique hybrid cloud solution so content can be stored on-premise and in the cloud for maximum flexibility, control and privacy.
  • Group-based policies allow IT admins to fine-tune dozens of access, sync, device, authentication, storage, protection and sharing policies and controls to protect user accounts, devices, folders and files so customers can be as permissive or restrictive as they need for different types of users—so Syncplicity by Axway can be deployed at scale, and security does not get in the way of productivity.

In short, we don’t think we need to hire a superhero to protect files in the cloud. We help our customers become superheroes!

Learn more about Syncplicity by Axway is transforming the digital workplace.

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