A secure, hybrid implementation helps the Associated Press deliver the news

hybrid implementation by Syncplicity by Axway
hybrid implementation by Syncplicity by Axway

One of the largest independent news gathering sources in the world, the Associated Press (AP) was shopping for an enterprise-wide file sync and share solution it could rely on. As you might guess, the AP had some pretty demanding criteria to deal with for a real digital transformation. (Read about the 7 strategic guidelines for an effective EFSS solution here.)

First and foremost was security: enterprise-grade features such as remote wipe and military-grade encryption and group-, individual-, and device-level management capabilities were essential. Although they wanted the scalability of the cloud, they needed to keep sensitive data on-premises to ensure complete control. And whatever solution they chose, it had to provide a smooth transition that their users would take to naturally, so it wouldn’t interrupt their workflow.

The solution: a hybrid implementation by Syncplicity by Axway

A hybrid implementation by Syncplicity by Axway brought the AP piece of mind and allowed their systems to work in tandem with each other. Read about how Syncplicity by Axway is transforming the digital workplace.

To find out how the AP used Syncplicity by Axway to meet their file syncing, sharing and collaboration needs throughout their organization — and across five continents — download the Associated Press case study.

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