Go Lite challenge: 3 weeks, 3 insights

Go Lite app
Go Lite app

Over the past three weeks our Go Lite app masters and device demons have honed their strategies and sharpened their skills. As they’ve leveled up from mobile enthusiasts to Olympian challengers, they’ve gathered a few key insights that they’re willing to share—and here they are. (To learn more about the Go Lite challenge, click here).

Finally…I can edit Microsoft Office docs with the Go Lite app

Kharisma (@kkmoraksi) cracked the code on downtime in the field. No more booting up her laptop, finding a WiFi network, and connecting to a VPN just so she can review a sales presentation or edit a Word doc.

She’s a free spirit—just her and her iPad rockin’ the Office docs with the Syncplicity by Axway app. The simple ability to review and edit documents has flipped her downtime to uptime, and that has made her way more productive. “I can finally get real work done with my iPad!”

Seriously…I can do all this on an iPad?

Christina (@camacho1277) loves her iPad mini. And now she uses it for pretty much everything—webinars, file sharing, note taking, expense management, editing Word docs, and everything in between. Once she set up her iPad with WebEx, Evernote, Concur, Syncplicity by Axway, and a couple other key apps, she was good to go. So where’s that gotten her? Organized. More organized than ever. No more loose papers or sticky notes trailing behind her, “everything is in one place and it travels with me.”

Mobile multitasking is double the fun

What’s better than one mobile device? Two mobile devices, of course. If you ever need to do two completely different things at once—like look something up on the internet while editing a document—Leonard (@leonard_chung) has figured out the secret to mobile multitasking for you. “I’ve got an iPad and a smartphone…what’s keeping me from using them both at the same time?” With two screens, two keyboards, and two internet connections, it’s doubly easy to do twice as much.

Keep these three tips from our Go Lite team in mind

  1. Use the new Syncplicity by Axway mobile app for editing Microsoft Office documents—you’ll love it.
  2. Load up your mobile device with all of your key apps and watch yourself get unbelievably organized.
  3. Break out that second device and get your multitasking on.

Live. Share. Learn.

Do you have some life-changing advice for mobile enthusiasts? We’d like to hear your Go Lite insights!

Read more about collaborating in Microsoft Office with the Syncplicity by Axway App Tab.

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