Congratulations to Box ““ A well-deserved IPO

file-based content
file-based content

The much-awaited Box IPO has arrived! All of us in the file-based content sharing market (and beyond) anxiously waited for this day to happen. Box and Aaron Levie epitomize the possibilities of Silicon Valley. Aaron has worked hard in the last decade to build a successful cloud file sharing and collaboration business and we at Syncplicity by Axway would like to sincerely congratulate him and his team on this great achievement.

A successful Box IPO validates what we have been saying for years: the way we work is changing. Correct that… it has changed for good.

File-based content

Today’s mobile workforce demands the ability to access and share their work on any device, anytime, anywhere as easily as they access and share their personal lives on Facebook and Instagram. And, organizations that do not step up to this challenge are going to be left behind as employees, especially new employees to the workforce, demand new ways to collaborate.

Having said that, we also looked forward to this day because we think it starts a new chapter of the conversation. A chapter where we focus on the needs of the new workforce and start to make some sense of the very real differences between the leaders in this market. In our case, we couldn’t agree more with Box that this is a huge opportunity for change in enterprise IT. At the same time, we have some very real differences in our approach, for example:

Differences in our approach

We believe that enterprises need a choice on how and where files are stored. While we are certainly big fans of cloud storage, our enterprise customers tell us not all content is created equal. They consistently tell us that some or all of their content still need to reside in their own data center for security and compliance reasons. That is why Syncplicity by Axway has invested in a policy-driven hybrid cloud that gives our customers complete control of where files reside without any impact on end-user functionality.

We believe that enterprises need to eliminate silos of information, but they can’t just rip and replace what they have. Enterprises have made massive investments in the storage and access controls to safeguard exabytes worth of corporate data. Our customers tell us that they want to move much of their file-based content into an EFSS solution (read here about the seven strategic guidelines for an effective EFSS solution). They know this will make it easier for users to securely access that content from any device, and also drive down IT support and infrastructure costs while improving information governance.

Bridge to the future

However, they cannot do it immediately. Our customers have asked for a bridge to the future that provides secure access to this content without requiring immediate and disruptive migration. And we have done that with Syncplicity by Axway.

There is nothing better for the future of enterprise IT than to have strong competition that drives innovation in technology, business models, and customer service. And in doing so, constantly pushes each other forward. We have never been so excited about what the future offers enterprise IT and the new mobile workforce they support, and again, sincerely congratulate the Box Team for this milestone in the industry.

Read here how Syncplicity by Axway releases cloud storage.

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