IDC on redefining Enterprise Mobile Collaboration

Enterprise Mobile Collaboration
Enterprise Mobile Collaboration

Bob Dylan sang it loud and clear in 1964—”the times they are a-changin.” Well…the times did change. And they still are changing, profoundly. IDC’s new Technology Spotlight report, Redefining Enterprise Mobile Collaboration, says the combination of cloud computing and mobility is fundamentally changing the way we work in the modern world. It certainly defines the trends and technologies that are reshaping enterprise mobile collaboration, and highlights the role Enterprise Mobile Collaboration is playing the workplace today!

Enterprise Mobile Collaboration

According to IDC, the most important new cloud-based productivity service is enterprise file sync and share. Learn about the 7 strategic guidelines for effective EFSS solution. Why is this the case? Because consumer-grade solutions have gone viral, and they pose a threat to the integrity and security of enterprise data. These simple solutions were designed for casual file sharing by consumers and now they lack the ability to address the security, privacy, governance and compliance needs of the enterprise in its entirety. With an effective EFSS solution, you have the ability to address these needs at the very beginning. Read more about secure file sharing and content collaboration for users, IT and security in this article here.

Today’s companies need to address the problems head-on for a real solution. To clarify this problem, today businesses need a more robust and secure experience that will enable digital transformation to take place in the modern world.

Don’t sit back and just take our word for it. Download the report here for free and see what IDC says about Redefining Enterprise Mobile Collaboration: You will come away with some key takeaways here:

  • Five ways enterprise file sync and share solutions provide value
  • Use cases and key trends
  • Vendor success criteria you should look for

Download your copy of the IDC Technology Spotlight by clicking here.

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