API Management weekly digest – Oct 6th

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API Management Weekly digest

CA acquires Runscope to round out API testing and monitoring portfolio

In this API Management Weekly digest, Enterprises are API-crazy, and CA Technologies Inc. is attempting to cash in with the acquisition of Runscope Inc., a provider of API monitoring tools delivered as a service.
Application program interfaces have exploded in popularity as organizations have sought to expose more internal data and services to employees, customers and business partners. Published APIs can be used by other applications to invoke functions such as processing a query or approving a transaction automatically, without the hassle of manual intervention.
However, most monitoring tools are focused on more traditional applications involving user interaction and are not well-suited for monitoring APIs, Ali Siddiqui, general manager for the Agile Operations Business Unit at CA Technologies, wrote in a blog post. […]
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Best Practices for Building a Secure and Scalable API

APIs are the core mechanism for decoupling front ends from backends and for decomposing monolithic infrastructures into composable enterprises in the spirit of what’s known as digital transformation. They’re currently the most significant enablers of innovation, mobility, and the Internet of Things (IoT). APIs enable teams to focus on their core value proposition while allowing customers to achieve bigger goals by connecting to data and functionality with tools they prefer to use. But to deliver on these myriad benefits and objectives, teams must design APIs with scale in mind. However, the need to build high-performing APIs that scale with the business ecosystem is pressuring many development teams to build APIs that may be restricting business growth. […]
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Bank of Queensland: The sector is getting better at sharing information

Bank of Queensland (BoQ) claims to be Australia’s seventh largest bank, with business from about one-third of the state. Although the financial services sector in Australia is largely dominated by four major banks, which combined hold a 95 percent share of the industry, BoQ chief risk officer Peter Deans said the sector is getting better at not isolating itself from other players in the area of cybersecurity.

“I think a couple of years ago the banking sector tended not to talk too much to each other about cyber threats — it was a little bit of a closed shop, certainly within the larger institutions, it was almost seen as a bit of a competitive edge to be safer than the bank or the shop next door,” Deans told the SINET61 conference in Sydney last week.
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Facebook Provides Rights Management To Protect Video Content

In an effort to offer more ways to access its rights manager capabilities, Facebook announced several new third-party integrations on Tuesday.
Three service providers — Friend MTS, MarkMonitor, and ZEFR — are integrating with Facebook’s rights manager API to provide rights management as a service.
“We want to give rights owners access to rights manager in the ways that make the most sense for their business,” Xiaoyin Qu, a product manager at Facebook, notes in a new blog post.
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How to Pick the Right Technology Stack to Provision Your API

So far our series on getting the most ROI out of your API has looked at how to ensure the creation of your APIs align with an overall business goal and are being implemented with a strategy in mind. With business decisions in place, we’ve moved on to some more technical issues, such as the reference and API architectures, and the choice of API specification formats. Now let’s look at the range of API lifecycle tooling available.
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