How the Appcelerator Platform’s LiveView Saves Developers Hours Each Day

Developing mobile apps is an iterative process. On the client side, a mobile developer typically goes through the following steps:

Once a series of code changes are made, the app is recompiled and deployed to the local emulator (or device), where it is launched and tested. Although this is a relatively simple process, the amount of time involved adds up. Often the cycle is repeated dozens of times a day, resulting in idle wait times that can exceed a couple of hours per day.

The LiveView capability included with the Appcelerator Platform eliminates this wasted time. LiveView lets enterprise developers see changes to the app client in near real-time, as they are made and without having to re-build, deploy and launch the app each time.

Using LiveView is easy. Each time new code is added and the project saved, the changes are automatically pushed to the emulator or device and displayed within the active app. The app can also be viewed across multiple OS’s, different versions of the OS’s, and different device types at the same time, thereby speeding up the development process and giving you back those valuable hours.

LiveView shows more than UI changes. Because it runs the actual app, LiveView also gives developers the ability to check the business logic. In this way, LiveView enables validation of both the end-user experience as well as the business logic and workflow of the app – all without the tedious and time-consuming work of recompiles, redeploys, etc.

So whether you are changing themes, adding UI controls, or modifying the logic behind the UI, you can now see those changes in near real-time, and verify them without having to re-build and push the entire app to a device or emulator.

Below is a short video demo of LiveView in action:

To learn more about building and testing apps with the Appcelerator Platform, click here.

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    • AJ – The LiveView capability is currently available in Appcelerator Studio (as part of the Appcelerator Platform). It is not available in Titanium.

        • The pricing model we use with the Appcelerator Platform is aimed to be simple, scalable and value driven. The pricing is primarily based on the following parameters:
          – Delivery model (public cloud, virtual private cloud)
          – No. of named users (these typically include designers, developers, testers, DevOps personnel, managers, executives and Line of Business owners.)
          – API consumption
          – as well as some other add ons
          For more information on the differences between Titanium and the Appcelerator Platform, as well as contact information for Sales, please visit:

      • This feature used to be free in Titanium Studio. It really sucks that it was removed as the workflow is soooo slow otherwise for titanium developers without it. Guess that makes TiShadow worth using but I really wish it was still just built in like it used to be. This is honestly the only feature I want from the enterprise studio and the prices for that are not even listed on the website!

    • Actually no. What LiveView does is focus on just the code that has changed, then deploy it to the app running in the emulator. That’s where the major time savings occur, as opposed to rebuilding and re-deploying the entire app code.


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