Experiencing iOS certification issues? Check your WWDR intermediate certificate

This weekend, the Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Intermediate Certificate has expired. The Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certificate Authority issues the certificates you use to sign Apple software. To do so, you need this valid intermediate certificate. As registered Apple Developer you should have received several emails from Apple over the last months to inform you about this.

As a Titanium developer you might run into the following issues if you have not undertaken any action so far:

You can no longer build your app for production

You will get the following error:

[ERROR] Apple’s World Wide Developer Relations (WWDR) intermediate certificate is not installed.
[ERROR] This will prevent you from building apps for iOS devices or package for distribution.

And when you run [appc] ti info -t ios it will say:

Apple WWDR Certificate
  Apple WWDR                  = not found
iOS Issues
  ✕  Apple’s World Wide Developer Relations (WWDR) intermediate certificate is not installed.
     This will prevent you from building apps for iOS devices or package for distribution.
     Download and install the certificate from https://appcelerator.com/ios-wwdr

Just do exactly what it says. Download the certificate and then double-click to add it to your keychain. Also make sure to delete the old certificate, which might be in another keychain (see Push Notifications). Then run it again to verify it works.

NOTE: Please make sure you select the System keychain as we have recently discovered an issue where the certificate might not be found in your login or other keychains.

Your app has problems with Apple Wallet

If your app uses ti.passbook (or another module) to integrate with Apple Wallet, the server where you generate the Apple Wallet Passes must be updated to use the new WWDR certificate as well. Please follow Apples instructions on how to do that.

Your app has problems with Store Kit

If you app uses ti.storekit (or another module) to integrate with Store Kit and verify receipts on a server, you might have issues depending on your implementation. If the receipt checking code makes incorrect assumptions about the certificate it might fail and need to be updated for the new certificate.

Your app has problems with Push Notifications

Flavio pointed out another possible issue that Apple is aware off. You want to make sure you also delete the expired WWDR certificate or else new (push) certificates you generate might show as invalid when you add them to your keychain.

The new certificate expires on February 7, 2023. So I guess we’ll talk about this again by the time you have an iPhone X.

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  1. This was weird. Keychain didn’t give me the option for where to install it. It just automatically placed it in my login keychain. So, I had to physically click and drag it to the System keychain and then enter my user password. Worked fine after that.

  2. Try to solve this error I updated Appcelerator CLI from 5.1 to 5.2 and now I get this error:
    Appcelerator Command-Line Interface, version 5.2.0
    Copyright (c) 2014-2016, Appcelerator, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    2016-02-25T15:30:52.431Z | TRACE | set environment to {“registry”:”https://software.appcelerator.com”,”security”:”https://security.appcelerator.com”,”baseurl”:”https://platform.appcelerator.com”}
    2016-02-25T15:30:52.433Z | TRACE | checking credentials for existing session
    2016-02-25T15:30:52.721Z | TRACE | Attempting to load session info from config file
    2016-02-25T15:30:52.727Z | TRACE | check if session is invalidated
    2016-02-25T15:30:52.767Z | ERROR | An uncaught exception was thrown!
    2016-02-25T15:30:52.767Z | ERROR | Cannot find module ‘typechecker’
    Cannot find module ‘typechecker’


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