1.3.2 (1.4 RC1) Release Now Available

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As promised (but a little late), we’re going to make the upcoming 1.4 release candidate (1.3.2 release) available manually here. Please read for instructions and links to the files. For now, you’ll have to install manually until we can get some good feedback on the release and push the official 1.4. Our goal is to get feedback this week, do our final round of fixes and testing and release the final release early next week.

First, the links to the download links:

OSX (iPhone/Android): https://bit.ly/cyTWkA

Win32 (Android): https://bit.ly/90TmIY

Linux (Android): https://bit.ly/bSgTjo

To install, you’ll want to download the appropriate distribution above and then extract into your Titanium directory.

For example, on OSX, your Titanium directory will be under either /Library/Application Support/Titanium or ~/Library/Appcelerator Support/Titanium.

Once you locate your Titanium directory, extract the zip file into this directory. The zip file will expand the contents and create/overlay some new directories for 1.3.2.

NOTE for OSX users who use Safari to download: Safari by default will auto uncompress your downloads, how handy. However, if you have a directory named mobilesdk, your extracted directory will be renamed. On OSX, I suggest you use curl and do it the old fashion way. In the terminal, go to your Titanium directory and then run the following commands:

> curl -L https://bit.ly/cyTWkA >mobilesdk-1.3.2-osx.zip
> unzip -o mobilesdk-1.3.2-osx.zip

Now, you’ll need to restart Titanium Developer to pick up the new release. Once restarted, remember to change your application SDK version and then click the ‘Save’ button.

You should now be able to test with the latest release.

A few things to note:

– This release still has some issues we’re working through. You can see the latest fixes and outstanding items for 1.4.0 here. All the items on the list are not going to be fixed for the final 1.4.0 and will automatically roll into the next release (if not resolved).

– This release fixes all known crashes on iOS 4. There are a few issues we’re still working on but this release addresses the major issues we’ve found so far.

– This release is mainly a maintenance release and fixes hundreds of Android and iOS bugs. We have added some stuff that I’ll try and summarize below. We’ll have the full release notes and documentation up once 1.4 is final.

Some updated stuff worth noting:

– iAds is here! By much popular demand, you can now add iAds to your iOS applications. iAds works just like any normal view. You’ll create an iAd view by invoking Ti.UI.iOS.createAdView() and placing it at the appropriate location. Make sure you use height and width auto. Until iAds is available, you’ll only see a test ad (assuming you’ve provisioned your application for iAds).

– Support for Common JS. We have added basic support for Common JS where you can use the Common JS to import modules. We don’t fully support the various specifications yet but you can load third-party Common JS modules and use require to load them. Currently, you can drop the modules in your Resources directory and they’ll be picked up. See the updated Kitchen Sink for a simple example. Common JS is supported for both Android and iOS.

– We have deprecated the ImageView property ‘url’ and replace it with the existing ‘image’ property. You can still use the url but you’ll get a warning in the log and may encounter some issues in small cases. Using ‘image’ ensures that all cases should work.

If you find issues, please note them in the comments of this post to help us and others. Please also note we’re only focusing on show-stoppers. Feature requests for 1.4 final aren’t being considered at this time. If you’re a Premium subscriber, please open normal issues in Helpdesk instead of here so we can make sure we respond in the appropriate SLA.

Thanks for everyone’s help in testing.

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  1. Correction above: Instead of “For example, on OSX, your Titanium directory will be under either /Library/Application Support/Titanium or ~/Library/Appcelerator Support/Titanium.” it is

    “For example, on OSX, your Titanium directory will be under either /Library/Application Support/Titanium or ~/Library/Application Support/Titanium.”

  2. just a quick fyi:
    in my project that is using mobile sdk 1.3 , my imageViews use the .url syntax for loading images and they work just fine.

    taking that same file, switching my project to 1.3.2 and running in simulator, it now throws an error in the Ti Console:

    “[ERROR] Failed to load image: — file://localhost/Volumes/path/to/project/Resources/myFile.js, Error: Error Domain=ASIHTTPRequestErrorDomain Code=1 UserInfo=0x9025db0 “A connection failure occurred”

    and then the app doesn’t load the image into the imageView. so in summary: code works fine in mobile sdk 1.3, same code doesn’t work in 1.3.2

  3. Hi Jeff,

    Would you, or anyone at this post, be kind to explain how to install in windows?

    I’ve downloaded windows version and tried to extract it’s content into my “C:Program Files (x86)Titanium Developer” folder directly. But unfortunately it did not work.

    For some reason I kind of think that this is not the correct process 😀


  4. @danno, the Appcelerator team explicitly says that imageView ‘url’ has been deprecated in favor of ‘image’.

    That said, this is going to be Appcelerator’s downfall. Appcelerator is constantly breaking things by depracating APIs across tiny point releases. This forces developers to modify huge portions of code every effin’ month.

    I would stay on a specific SDK version and rid myself of all this nonsense if I could…but I can’t. With iOS4, I am forced once again to move to the latest SDK so that my app doesn’t crash on launch, so that all the Appcelerator bugs that crop up on iOS4 are eliminated, and so that I may hopefully get performance gains from possible optimizations (this does not seem to be the case with mobile sdk 1.3.2 aka 1.4.0 as it seems to be *slower* at drawing tableviews.)

    Now I’ve got 3 apps to take care of. All 3 do not work with a single recompile because things have either been explicitly or silently deprecated…or there are some regressions some where.

    One app runs when compiled with xcode 3.2 but crashes when compiled with 4.0 and the tableviews are slow to draw. One app experiences intermittent crashes. One app simply does not install, not on the simulator, not onto iTunes. No error messages other than ‘Install Error’ in Titanium Developer.

    I’m so effin’ sick of this crap.

  5. danno watts, 1.3.2 uses ‘image’ instead of ‘url’ for imageviews, had the same problem this morning. It’s explained here somewhere on the post 🙂

  6. Update: All my apps are experiencing intermittent crashes…they do not crash on the simulator but they crash on my iPod touch.

  7. Alright…so tableview indexes work when compiling an app with xcode 3.2 and 1.3.2 but crashes an app under xcode 4.0 and 1.3.2. The crash happens on the iPhone simulator and on an iPod touch running iOS 4 but does not crash on the iPad simulator (which is still running iOS 3).

    So…something’s changed in iOS 4 (and I’m guessing Titanium is still doing things the iOS 3 way for tableview indexing).

  8. Ok, I’m jumping the gun. I completely erased all builds and reset the simulator settings and things seem to work fine now. Ignore my last two comments.

  9. One thing’s for sure though, tableview drawing is slooooooooooow. I’ve got a tableview with 80 rows and it takes 8 seconds to draw.

  10. Congrats indeed on getting iAd support in there as quick as you did.

    Seeing how this is a RC for 1.4, I am curious: is the pull-down-to-refresh sample supposed to work in this version? I tried but it isn’t working, all I get is a black screen. (which, admittedly, is more than I got with 1.3.1)

    • @Raul – can’t help without more details like the build.log under build/iphone/build. Please pastie the contents – don’t paste the contents inside a comments. 🙂
      @Kerim – pull down to refresh works fine for all of our tests — sample in update Kitchen Sink.

      On the image url property, we’ll run back through that.. I thought we had made that deprecated but still work but apparently the backwards compat didn’t quite work as well as intended.

      Please — if you have issues — give us something to work with instead of “it doesn’t work”. That’s not very actionable.

  11. Awesome, great work. Can’t wait to try it. I skimmed the bug fix list and it apparently addresses many of the things I was having trouble with. There were so many fixes I couldn’t read them all!

  12. re-installed titanium. installed 1.32. installed the final release of the 4.0 sdk. at every step, before and after – “Install Error.” tried loading the project in xcode, built there for device. builds, runs – freeze on splash screen. it’s 230am where i am. giving up for the night.

    though, one plus – in the simulator, works great (after changing some url properties to image), and the grouped tableview stretching is gone. just wish i could get the same effect on the actual phone.

  13. My live app upgraded into iOS4 with no probs at all. My ‘big’ app is suffering in a few areas:

    1. HTTPClient requests seem to be being handled differently, it may be that asynchronous mode needs to be set explicitly or something, because requests are now getting sporadically refused (503) when they were fine before.

    2. Closing a scrollable view containing tableviews crashes the app (this happens when a user taps an in focus tab i.e. goes back to initial window for that tab – possibly not cleaning-up properly).

    3. I think there’s something not right with sim keyboard ‘return’ event handler vs Macbook ‘return’ key, but difficult to isolate this from (1), because the event sends data.

    To be honest, that’s not bad from a full day of testing.

    p.s. I’ve logged the first two of these (with error outputs) & the third prob needs more investigation.

  14. I’ve gone through upgraded all of my uses of ImageViews to use image instead of url. However there seems to still be some sort of issue with the use of the defaultImage. Omitting the defaultImage, everythingworks fine, but it uses the Appcelerator image as the default while the final image loads.

    When I do specify a defaultImage, not only does the call to createImageView fail, but I get messages like these:

    : CGBitmapContextCreateImage: invalid context 0x0
    : CGContextConcatCTM: invalid context 0x0
    : CGContextDrawImage: invalid context 0x0
    : CGContextSetInterpolationQuality: invalid context 0x0


  15. My biggest problem is also that tableviews draw unacceptably slowly. I believe I saw that there’s a commitment to fix this for 1.4 but is not yet in the ‘resolved’ list.

    As for my “Install Error” prob, I’m updating to the latest xcode now to see if that helps.

    • @Andrew – we have noticed that the same code running under 4.0 vs 3.1 – that tableview performance is not as good.

  16. @andrew – you didn’t properly apply the upgrade it looks like (make sure when you change to 1.3.2 you click save and rebuild). That line number doesn’t exist in 1.3.2.

    Also, there’s a build.log file under build/iphone/build that you should paste if you have any build errors. PLEASE don’t paste the contents of the log – just paste a link to the contents on pastie.org (or gist, etc).

  17. @Raul – are you trying to run with iOS4? If so, you’ve selected 3.1.3 in your drop down and that doesn’t exist anymore. If not (if you’re still using 3.1), then try running that command in your console. Basically, with that being the only thing in the log, it’s failing simply trying to execute xcode.

  18. @John – we’re looking into it.
    @Andrew – we’re looking into some of the performance issues. Seem to be related to 4.0 and not <4.0

  19. @John – we have 5 test cases around TextArea and they all are working (with height) under 4.0. Can you pastie a link of your code that’s not working that we can run?

  20. @Andrew – can you drop me a pastie of some of your code around the building of the tableview itself? That would help understand how it’s built.

  21. @Andrew – re: profile – thanks! Yeah, we simply call xcode to load it but we have seen weird issues when upgrading before.. Not sure what happens underneath with apple.

  22. @Jeff – can improving tableview perfomance become a priority? My guess is that a lot of people depend on it and Titanium apps that make use of tableviews will stick out like a sore thumb if the problem is not resolved.

    If I had to guess, right now (1.3.2 aka 1.4) there’s probably a tenfold (or more) difference in performance between native apps and apps built using Titanium. This is not an exageration. A list of 80 items on a native app will draw pretty much instantly…in 1.3.2, a list of 80 items takes 8 seconds…granted I’m using custom rows but still.

    A week ago, using my app built with 1.3.1 in iOS 3, it would take 1-2 seconds to redraw 80 items…it was slow but not ridiculously slow like it is now.

  23. @Andrew – OK, well, that’s a little better. Can you give me snippet of what the code you’re using looks like (path etc) to imageview?

  24. Hi, this is an iPod Touch app on sale since April, I upgraded my Touch as soon as iOS4 was available on iTunes and the behavior in ticket #820 reappeared. It is especially noticeable on a dark background
    The code is just the normal text area:

    // add text area for sms
    ta1 = Titanium.UI.createTextArea({
    top: 50,
    font:{fontSize:15,fontFamily:’Helvetica Neue’},

    regards, JH

  25. @Andrew – for imageview, we have fixed this earlier today and it’s available on master in github. I’m looking at your tableview now..

  26. After I upgraded to the latest xcode dev tools, my app crashes. I am passing an absolute, http:// url to the image property of my ImageView. This is the cause of my crash, it doesn’t want a string. From the os x Console, here is the error:

    Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘org.seatosky.TiUIImageView’, reason: ‘invalid image type. expected either TiBlob or TiFile, was: NSCFString in -[TiUIImageView setImage_:] (TiUIImageView.m:497)’

  27. Run on Device fails with this in-Titanium error:

    Install Error

    Build Failed (Missing app at /Users/joblo/Documents/projects/mobileApps/my_app/git_working_copy/FooApp/build/iphone/build/Release-iphoneos/FooApp.app/FooApp). Please see output for more details

    I’m not sure where to look when it says ‘see output’

  28. The Text Area problem that was supposedly fixed in 1.2 (text areas not honouring height setting and appearing as a single line field) has reappeared after upgrading to iOS4. The iPhone app in question was updated with the 4.0 patch.

    You may not regard this as a ‘show-stopper’ but those with apps using a Text area will.


  29. @Jeff Just some more info on TableView performance: I have 109 objects that come back from the server within 2-3 seconds. Then when given to the table view’s setData(), it takes about 35 seconds to draw the list. My TableCells are all the same and consist of two labels, no images. I’m not sure about the difference between 4.0 and 3.1 but native obj-c draws much faster – I have a native Obj-C app I did a while back where 500 names load into a table basically instantly. Just some info for your troubleshooting.

  30. @Jeff about not properly upgrading. Yes, I think I did but then somehow it reverted. I know that I frequently delete the contents of /build/iphone/ to force a rebuild, maybe that did it. Anyway, I can be sure it’s sticking to 1.3.2 now and now that I have the latest xcode dev tools, as with @danno, I’m not getting an error, but my image is not loading when passing a url str for the image to the image property of createImageView. I tried running the xcode project in the simulator against 4.0, iPhone (and iPhone 4) and didn’t see any error messages there either.

  31. @jeff about build.log, good to know about that file, thanks. I could see it was a codesigning issue. I deleted my dev profile from Ti, and manually went and found it again and all was well. Not sure if that was a random glitch or because I recently added my iPad to the profile, thus changing it. I can imagine that if Ti copies/caches a profile then its copy could become stale.

  32. @jeff great. I just tested the iPad version of my same app, which has a few differences like a split view. Glad to see some of the things that weren’t working are now, like the email dialog and some strangeness with the orientation. Layout based on orientation is still a bit messed up though it’s less so now. In my master, I have a vertical layout window with two vertical views. In the top view I have a table view, in the bottom an image view (same as the iPhone app actually, just different measurements). It was weird, I had to tweak the numbers quite a bit just by looking at the device because the though the math added up for space that added up to 1024 height, the views were getting pushed up and down, and masked (based on view nesting) in what felt like illogical ways to me. Anyway, through fiddling, I got it to look right despite the math but the layout breaks if I start landscape orientation then rotate to vertical. Do I need to be laying out the views conditionally based on orientation or is this a bug? I found that even my detail view’s navigation bar was once about 40 pixels from the top once in landscape mode. Rotating the device side/side 90º fixes it.

  33. Jeff, your instructions say that on MacOS X we should load the new SDK into either /Library/Application Support/Titanium or ~/Library/>>Appcelerator<< Support/Titanium


    Also, those directors can both exist, but the appropriate location is always the one that has the /mobilesdk directory in it, right? May want to clarify that in the instructions as I just chased my tail a bit trying to figure out why 1.3.2 wasn't available even after the curl'ing and restart of TiDev.


  34. I notice that the xcode project generated only generates project for 3.2 and 4.0. I don’t have anything 4.0 releated and it the SDK dropdown shows iPhone 4.0 (missing) and I don’t see any sdk before 3.2. I tried setting the Base SDK to pre-3.2 but I get 4.0 sdk not found. I understand Apple is dropping pre-3.2 support but everyone is in the middle of updating to iOS4 and I rather wait week or two before starting to compile in 4.0. Im assuming any apps complied with 4.0 wIll not run on device with pre-4.0. Am I correct?

    • @Sarb – yeah, Apple has a nice way of controlling versions, huh? So, if you compile with 4.0, it will continue to run fine under older devices (3.1 etc).

  35. Jeff,

    downloading, unpacking and setting up the RC was a breeze compared to what I had to go through to run my first (1.2) version and the subsequent update(1.3.0) – which still doesnt work – LibTiCore issues.

    Job well done. All my code implementations are working fine.

    However, I continue to struggle with working through your workthrough for extending Titanium through the module sdk.

    I keep getting the same error that community users have reported while using older versions – “module not an object”. A “hello world” example would be much appreciated.

  36. Is there a list of features I should avoid for now that will not work on pre-4.0? I know the modal rollover transition is one, are there any other? Would be nice to have this handy somewhere.

    Thanks for the quick reply!

  37. Question re iAds. Jeff, in the blog posting you mentioned “Until iAds is available, you’ll only see a test ad (assuming you’ve provisioned your application for iAds)”. Can you expand on that just a bit? There isn’t a handy example in KS (which I depend on for everything). I can’t seem to find any references to provisioning for iAd on Apple’s dev site (apologies in advance if I’m just dense 😉

  38. Also, not to be a PITA but I see a lot of the comments are appearance and “relative performance” related. I commented earlier about a verified crash bug related to recording sound. This crash bug is preventing me from providing a workable iOS 4.0 update to my existing customers. Can I assume that crash bugs will have priority over performance and graphical glitch bugs? Thanks!

  39. @Sarb, thanks! I did do the legal sign up bit, but didn’t see anything for provisioning a specific app to support iAd (ala push or in-app purchase). No biggie, I was just excited to try it out (and dump my “faked” AdMob implementation 😉

  40. Using 1.3.2, when adding data to the view object, I am getting duplicate rows.

    data.push({title:’My title’, hasChild:true, test:’../javascripts/menu.js’});

    1.3.0 works as expected.

    • @james – do you mean TableView? Can you post a link to a pastie with more reproducible code? We have about 50 different table view tests and haven’t seen anything like this..

  41. @tim


    Install/Update on Windows (XP, Vista, 7)

    To install, you’ll want to download the appropriate distribution above and then extract into your Titanium directory.”

    Titanium directory:

    Windows XP

    C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataTitaniummobilesdkwin32

    Windows Vista and Windows 7


  42. just to followup – caught your comment about checking the build log (good advice, didn’t know to do). and, i also had a code-signing problem – it said my provision was out of date. however, it was not. so, then i re-selected the same one as before in titanium, and somehow it builds just fine. go figure.

    however, now, on the device – app didn’t go past the splash screen. however, after shutting down the iphone, and booting it up again. it works! odd stuff. but, promising.

    and, like others, tableviews seem to MUCH slower than they used to be, i am noticing. so much so, that i think it best if i wait until you guys get a handle on speeding it up before i push out a 1.01 update. hopefully that happens soon? fingers crossed.

    oh, and for kicks i tried the old app still on itunes, again – the tableviews are MUCH faster, exactly as they were with 3.12 on my iphone.

  43. I had no end of troubles getting this to work.

    To get it compile apps for iphone I had to trash ~/Library/Application Support/Titanium

  44. ticket 112: “iphone: change Utils base64 encode/decode to return TiBlob [resolved]”

    not quite sure if this was a good idea. for me Ti.Utils.base64encode is no longer usable for encoding data which is send to a server because with php i cannot decode the data.
    params.USER_NAME = Ti.Utils.base64encode(Ti.App.username);
    params.USER_PASS = Ti.Utils.base64encode(Ti.App.userpass);


    this works fine with 1.3 but no longer works with 1.3.2
    there are many answers in the Q&A where http-authorization should used with base64encode, e.g.:
    authstr = ‘Basic ‘ +Titanium.Utils.base64encode(username+’:’+password); xhr.setRequestHeader(‘Authorization’, authstr);

    not sure if they still will work.

    • @Markus – just call toString from the result on the encoding. We had to make this change to ensure that you could encode image blobs and other binary data correctly. If you’re encoding text you can simply either wrap in a String(Ti.Utils.base64encode(Ti.App.username)) or call Ti.Utils.base64encode(Ti.App.username).toString()

  45. @Glenn — yeah, this got fixed yesterday in head after someone else reported it too. Sorry about that.

    To everyone else, as a general rule, if you post a rant here with nothing that is actionable (i.e. code example/test case, build.log, etc) than it will be ignored. If you want to rant here, that’s fine if that makes you feel better.

    If you want immediate attention on issues as has been suggested and are frustrated, you _always_ have the option to pay for it through a subscription like many others. We’re doing our best to support everyone and fix all the various permutations as fast as we can.

  46. @Jeff, Re: weird issues with default image.

    I looked at the latest kitchenSink and saw the yql_flickr example uses this feature ( though it references an image that isn’t in the project ). After fixing the image path, it worked fine, so I went back to my own code and after much head scratching and trial-and-error, i’ve found that the order of the arguments passed to createImageView matters. I would not think that woudl be the case, but in my particular case what I’ve found is that by moving className around in the parameter list, I can cause the failure.

    For example, this works fine:

    leftImage = Ti.UI.createImageView({
    image : image_url,

    But this does not:

    leftImage = Ti.UI.createImageView({
    image : image_url,

    Truly weird.

  47. @Glenn & @Jeff
    Same odd problem here with ImageViews and ‘className’. I was really scratching my head, but if the image stops working, its all good if I move the className around and try different things. I’m using ‘clsName’ to get around it for now.

  48. My apps worked in using 1.3, SDK3.1-3.1.2

    My apps fail in SDK4.0 with 1.3,

    Upgrade to 1.3.2 to fix the iOS4 errors as described in this post and nothing has changed.

    All apps fail, all apps fail in exactly the same way and the same places as before, the upgrade to 1.3.2 has made no difference.

    So as usual, I have a number of apps that were working fine and now either don’t function at all or have such serious issues that they are totally unusable.

    So where do I go from here?

    I can’t write new apps.

    I can’t sell old apps.

    I have lots of people complaining to me and asking when an iOS4 version can be made available (with a new iPhone coming out in days) and I cannot give anyone an answer, not even myself.

    I really wish Appcelerator would stop trying to do all things, adding Blackberry, asking if we want Windows mobile or Amazon Kindle and just do one to two things (iPhone and Android) well.

    I do realise this is a constantly moving target, I do realise there will always be issues but maybe part of it is communication. Your too vague.

    Say that you understand there are issues and your looking at 1-2 weeks or 2-4 weeks but not just your working on a new version, too vague. I need some kind of answers and they never seem to be there.

    Obviously I am pretty frustrated. I was pretty frustrated when you dropped HTML but I trudged on through, but it feels like I am walking through mud with every upgrade, that can’t be right. It’s wearing me down I can tell you that. I have to be honest and say I think it is getting to the point where I am going to find it easier to just learn other things such as Objective C++ and move on, at least I would be the master of my own destiny a little more but I like Titanium, it just needs to work better and communicate better.

  49. Re: Text Area issue, rebuilding with 1.3.2 seems to have fixed the broken TA but showContactPicker() no longer works so there is no chance of a quick upgrade to the app, which was built with 1.2

    Unfortunately for me the latest Contact Picker still sometimes crashes under similar circumstances to the last one (selecting a phone entry which is not the first in the list). I will try to isolate and post a reproducible case if I can’t find anything wrong with my code.

    Regarding the answer to the frustrated person above, I don’t see how a paid subscription would help him. In my one-month trial I located and reported two bugs, but it did not bring the resolution of the issues forward by even one millisecond as far as I could see.


  50. showContactPicker() stopped working in 1.3.2

    My code is unchanged from 1.3. See pastie below. Clicking on an image should bring up the address book. I added a debug to see that the event listener was firing, but nothing inside the showContactPicker() is executing. Switching back to 1.3 and it works as expected.

    Behavior is the same on simulator and device. Mac OSX 10.6.4 & iphone iOS4.


  51. Hi again. And again, am not trying to be a PITA, but I haven’t seen any response from Appcelerator guys to the crash issue I posted on Lighthouse and here in these comments: https://appcelerator.lighthouseapp.com/projects/32238/tickets/1180-recording-audio-crashes-on-3gs-device-but-not-in-emulator-under-ios-40-ti-132

    I’ve tried my best to not rant about it (in accordance with “post a rant here with nothing that is actionable (i.e. code example/test case, build.log, etc) than it will be ignored”, and I’ve tried to post something actionable (e.g., in Lighthouse, source example and steps to reproduce included!).

    In the original blog post above, Jeff, you indicated “This release fixes all known crashes on iOS 4.”. The crash I reported has been independently verified by another user (on Lighthouse) yet this crash bug has apparently not yet been assigned to anyone to investigate/address.

    I can fully understand folks being upset that their tableviews draw slowly, but seriously, I have a CRASH bug! As in fatal crash. And it takes 10 seconds to reproduce (run Kitchen Sink on a 3GS iOS 4.0 and try Phone -> Sound -> Record -> Start Recording).

    Can I at least get a “hey thanks that sucks, glad your tableviews aren’t slow” 😉

    That was a joke. I am a big fan of Appcelerator and really appreciate the amazing product you guys have created. But I will continue to be a squeaky wheel about attention paid to reproducible CRASH bugs over appearance and less than speedy performance issues on pre-release software.

  52. Window closes (or appears that way) when quickly switching windows. This might be confusing, so I included a screencast. 3 steps. Go to a window, cancel from that window, then go back to that same window. The cancel uses the iphone generated back/cancel button. If you do it slowing, everything is fine. If you do it quickly, you can see the window open, then go black. With only the navbar at the top showing.

    My educated guess is that the back button is issuing a close on that window, but it happens really slowly. So slowly that I can exit and reopen that window before the close occurs.

    I can include code if you need it. These windows are tabbed with the tabs hidden so I can get the system navbar.

    Works find on 1.3. Tested in simulator and device.


  53. Re: Contacts Picker STILL crashing: This crashes my Touch 100% of the time if there are more than three entries under phone, e.g. home, work, fax. The crash occurs when selecting the first entry. Address Book entries with two fields don’t crash.

    function showContacts()

    var values = {cancel:function() {}, fields:[‘phone’]};
    values.selectedProperty = function(e) {
    var thislabel = e.label;
    var thisvalue = e.value;
    blankAlert(thislabel + ” ” + thisvalue);

  54. @Jeff – regarding the lack of a “refreshing” image while a webview page loads.

    I am opening a remote URL…on the simulator.

  55. I’m getting the following error when I try to build KitchenSink or any other app for the emulator. I’m assuming I’ve got something out of whack. Anyone have any ideas for a quick fix?

    File “/Library/Application Support/Titanium/mobilesdk/osx/1.3.2/iphone/builder.py”, line 438, in main
    OSError: [Errno 17] File exists

  56. saw the tweet about massive performance increase for iphone… still holding back submitting my 1.01 bugfix update to itunes for that. getting 1.32 was great, but as it is, it’s like trading one bug fix for a new bug (tableview slowness). would be nice to push out a 1.321 or something that includes those gains, if possible.

    if not, will be sending you power-vibes to keep you going!

  57. Three problems so far after the upgrade from ipad app built 1.2

    1)Array of imageviews failed on scrollview, crashed.

    2)Open window modal on landscape mode doesn’t longer obey fullscreen, solved with width : ‘100%’

    3)Missing backgroundImage on createviews data on scrollview, have to fiddle on this more to find out why.

    Overall, the app after upgrade keep crashing on gallery views where it open modal window. Too unstable, i have to pass on despite how bad i need the fixed default slash screens rendering.

  58. The Contact Picker is show-stoppingly dysfunctional. You don’t need any code from me, just build the Kitchen Sink contacts.js demo and INSTALL IT ON AN IPHONE – it does not crash the simulator.

    If you set the ‘Stop on Property’ switch ON and select a contact with more than two phones it immediately crashes.

    More than two phones is not an unusual scenario for an Address Book IMHO.



  59. in this 1.4 rc1 release, imageview doesn’t show in the scrollView on iOS4 firmware like it should, but worked in emulator mode. It just drew a transparent image, the reason I know this because I have an indicator that shows an image progress and I know when it’s done downloading, but clicking on the area where the image suppose to be , actually did invoke the click event on the image. I did compile my app for sdk 3.1 all the way to 3.2 but no use, does it need to be compiling with the new 3.2.3 SDK 4?

    thanks for all your hard works, Titanium is great and you guys have come a long way. But there’re still works to do. Appreciate it much!

  60. Hi Jeff, Just a heads-up. I’m getting some weird happenings regarding asynchronous API GETs & POST since 1.3.2. i.e. As the user proceeds through the app they GET data required, then when they come to a POST command (to update info) it won’t actually fire until the third time the function is invoked (A simple POST-only sample was trouble-free).

    I’ll send more details and sample code on this shortly. But just a quick question, is the HTTPRequest now in a synchronous mode by default?


  61. @Chris – We did fix a problem post 1.3.2 whereby the default was going to sync (changes in a third-party library we upgraded that changed their behavior).

  62. Custom headers on tableViews on iPhone are causing rows to be doubled but blank. And going clicking the same row consecutively causes the next page to be blank the second time around.

  63. @Jeff – Great. I think that double row thing, at least in my case, is definitely happening from the createTableViewSection.

    But the consecutive pressing problem happens on all my table based pages– even those without any headers/sections. The right view pops up and then goes black. Then going to a third time let’s the right view show again.

  64. @Kevin – if you have a reproducible test case (please paste pastie/gist) we can test on latest build. we think we’ve addressed all of the Tableview issues for upcoming build.

  65. Thanks Jeff, I thought I saw comments in that area on github. I’ll submit the details and code so you can see whether it relates and I’ll review all updates on github that relate to the Ti.Network API, I think there were a couple recently.


  66. I have switched to 1.3.2 with iOS4 and now I cant set the inital value of any sliders. When I switch back to iOS3.2 slider.value = 100; works ok.

  67. Here’s the double row bug I’m getting: http://pastie.org/1021178. I don’t know if this is what you fixed. You’ll notice it renders the first position correctly and then when you scroll it shifts rows down. So in the beginning the first row is populated, then the second blank, but once you scroll and go back to top the second row becomes populated and the first row blank. The code works fine in 1.2.0/1.3.0.

    I’ll try to get a test case of the other bug together too.

  68. That was actually by design and it worked on previous versions. I don’t want to see the header but I want the index and setting the height of the elements in the sections to 0 was the only way I could get the index to work. But the error is happening on pages where I have the header exposed. Did you get the error when it was set to 0? Or did you fix and run? I still get the error when i set explicit heights.

    Here’s the pastie for the disappearing act: http://pastie.org/1021204.

    I’m also getting hit with a lot of errors from the geo listener. I have it running in app.js to change a string every 10 meters and keep getting thrown an error. But maybe you’ve changed something in Ti.Geolocation?

  69. @Kevin – on the first issue, yeah, I just re-did it (you can either set to 0 height or hidden:true). See http://skitch.com/jhaynie/dkng4/iphone-simulator

    Since section indexes are related to multiple indexes, this is the best way to do it.

    I’ll look at the 2nd issue.

    On the geo issue, can you be a little more specific about the error thrown (stack or error details?) and some sample code?

  70. var thumbnailView = Titanium.UI.createImageView({
    left: l,
    top: t,

    this line below allows me to overwrite the view with the image above

    drawing thumbnailView above works fine in emu mode, but show a blank white space (completely transparent) on the iphone 3g iOS4, any ideas why?

  71. Having the same issue as jd where ImageViews inside of a ScrollView show up as transparent on 4.0, but render properly on in the emulator.

  72. alright, fyi i just loaded iPhone SDK 3.2.3 and ran the same code above and choose SDK 4.0 and it produced the blank image in the emulator. here is the trace: Sun Jun 27 20:04:44 Jets-Mac.local PhotoSquare[9736] : CGContextConcatCTM: invalid context 0x0

  73. @js how were you able to run 3.2.3 and 4.0 together? Last I checked apple has dropped support of all versions but 3.2 and 4.0 from the sdk.

  74. yes, I no longer have the option to run anything other than 3.2 and 4.0. As I’ve stated above that I chose 4.0 SDK and that when I was able to produced the error in the emulator now, instead loaded it to the phone to see the actual error like before.

  75. you can try to emulate this problem by simply creating a new project and run this code in SDK 4.0

    var win = Ti.UI.createWindow();

    var thumbnailView = Titanium.UI.createImageView({
    left: 4,
    top: 4,

    var thumbScrollView = Titanium.UI.createScrollView({
    contentWidth: ‘auto’,
    contentHeight: ‘auto’,
    top: 55,
    showVerticalScrollIndicator: true,
    showHorizontalScrollIndicator: false



    Mon Jun 28 09:43:01 Jets-Mac.local test[18702] : CGBitmapContextCreateImage: invalid context 0x0

  76. Jeff, I think i can finally prove to you why the error occurred now. No, I don’t think it’s fixed yet.

    Let me give you an example. I think the error will crash if you introduce additional variables that are not part of the imageView properties. The example I gave before was excluding some of the customed variables that I used with the image, so by leaving the default properties then it’ll run fine.

    so if you do it like this it will crash with the context error

    var thumbnailView = Titanium.UI.createImageView({
    left: 4,
    top: 4,
    filename: myfilename, //by having this will produce the context error in SDK 4.0
    filesize: myfilesize //by having this will produce the context error in SDK 4.0

    It’s definitely a bug and only occur in SDK 4.0


  77. @jd – we’ll test that specific issue .. but we have _very many_ uses of custom attributes all over. you can use any custom property you want w/o any consequence in titanium like any normal javascript.


    Since it’s 5pm PST time here and we still have 5-6 regression issues we’re trying to fix and a another set of full testing we’ll have to do after that – we’re not going to be releasing today.

    We should be able to get this out here in the next day or so. Please stand by and send you good vibes to us. 🙂

  79. The Geolocation errors I’m getting come as this:

    error:”Error Domain=kCLErrorDomain Code=0 “The operation couldn’t be completed. (kCLErrorDomain error 0.)””

    The pastie is: http://pastie.org/1022626

    It’s the same code I’ve used since 1.2.0 and never had a problem. But now even with the createDialogBox commented out it puts up a dialog box with the error in it. It started happening once I put the 4.0 on my 3Gs and is also happening on my 4 but never had it happen on a phone running 3.1.3. It seems to happen quite frequently and pops up sometimes 3 or 4 times in rapid succession.

  80. rock on appcelerators! thanks for the timeline update. 1-2 days sounds great to me. will use the spare time to prep a few touch-ups to the app itself. good luck with testing!


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