Using Syncplicity APIs — providing a number of REST APIs to extend the solution

Syncplicity APIs
Syncplicity APIs

Syncplicity customers have long used the Web UI, desktop application, and mobile applications to work with their files and share internally and externally. But did you know that this same functionality is also available using Syncplicity APIs?

Syncplicity APIs

The Syncplicity REST APIs provide a rich functionality to work with files and folders, as well as access administrative functionality. The files and folders can be accessed via the “Content APIs,” which provide all the necessary functionality to create, update and delete files and folders, as well as manage the sharing of both files and folders.

The APIs also give access to administrative components for the full management of users, groups, group memberships, as well as security policies and devices. And, of course, all the security, authorizations, and audit configuration for a user will be applied when accessing Syncplicity via the APIs.

The Syncplicity APIs allow customers and partners to address different integration patterns:

  • Out-of-the-box integrations
  • Custom integrations
  • Custom applications

Out-of-the-box integrations

“Out-of-the-box integrations” are ready-to-use integrations that have been created by Axway or a partner and provide the integration of third-party applications with Syncplicity. These out-of-the-box integrations are available for download from the Axway Marketplace Existing integrations include Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Jira, Confluence, and others.

Custom integrations

Custom integrations can be built by customers or partners to increase the value of Syncplicity, by providing the specific customized functionality required. This allows existing customers wanting additional custom functionality to build this functionality themselves.

Typical uses for this capability have been to integrate Syncplicity into other specific applications, as well as automate tasks within Syncplicity. Task automation can be used for user and group management, and to create specific folder hierarchies and content within Syncplicity, and get usage and reporting information. Learn about the addition of Content APIs on the Syncplicity Developer Portal.

Custom applications

Syncplicity customers and partners can also create new applications requiring the storage, management, and sharing of files. Syncplicity can be used as a Content Services Platform to provide the storage repository and foundation services for applications. Use cases that customers have put into production include a client web portal, leveraging Syncplicity on the back-end of document storage and management.

A second use case is the custom creation of a mobile application, requiring back-end cloud storage for documents or photos. Many other possibilities exist, making the creation of document-centric applications much easier for our customers.

Integration with our hybrid integration platform

Our hybrid integration platform, Amplify includes a Syncplicity connector, allowing the integration of Syncplicity with other applications to build complete solutions. This connector uses the Syncplicity APIs, providing seamless and secure access to data and functionality, and allowing Syncplicity to be used as an underlying Content Services Platform.

Solutions requiring cloud storage or sharing capabilities can easily leverage Syncplicity via the connector to provide the necessary functionality.

Getting started with the APIs

If you are an existing Syncplicity Enterprise Edition customer, then getting started is easy. Simply navigate here (if you are a U.S.-based customer) or here (if you are an EU-based customer) and log on using your Syncplicity credentials.

From there, you have access to the interactive documentation, and all other details and information required to get up and running. You can test API calls directly from within the Developer Portal or download sample code in .NET, Java, or Python if you’d rather write specific code.

Want more help? Our community portal has you covered. Discover more.





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