A day in the life of a Catalyst: Uli Hitzel

Uli Hitzel

As a Catalyst at Axway, Uli Hitzel lives a full life. From working with customers on their digital transformation initiatives, speaking at events, producing videos, and running events, no two days are alike.

About Uli

Leveraging his experience as Axway presales, Uli joined The Catalysts originally as a Developer Advocate where he helped customers solve tough engineering problems and build prototypes around API-driven innovation, application, and data integration.

The exposure and insights he gained from these engagements helped him build out best practices, produce learning labs, videos, and talks for meetups and events for Axway.

Ultimately, Uli’s goal is to inspire, motivate, and coach others so they can do more to drive digital transformation within their enterprise.

Organizational Change & Collaborative Culture

Passionate about building ecosystems and enabling collaboration across teams, departments, and organizations, Uli now works with business leaders and C-level executives through Accelerate Workshops on corporate strategy, leadership development, and cross-functional initiatives.

In 2020, software relies on a number of building blocks; each with moving parts including ecosystems, tooling, and lifecycle.

Put together with the increasing competitive pressure and pace of innovation, it’s clear that the way people collaborate between teams, departments, and organizations play a critical role in the success of digital transformation.

We help customers make good decisions. Digital transformation is needed to make things happen.

Catalysts help with this change. The decisions customers have to take may involve technology, but just as often they center around teams, governance, funding, ecosystems, monetization, or a dozen other things that determine who thrives and who merely survives in the digital economy.

Renaissance man

Many of the challenges we’re facing today require multi-disciplinary knowledge and a cross-functional approach.

Technology, of course, plays an important role — but it is about combining it with human elements, content, design, and repeatability that make it relevant. Especially when there is a need for quickly coming up with innovative ideas, “Renaissance people” like Uli shine.

Ecosystem Engagement

When building and engaging ecosystems, giving back to the community is an essential element in today’s business.

As part of the FintechSG programme at the National University in Singapore, Uli helps to grow the pipeline of professionals in the financial technology industry in Singapore.

Aimed at fresh-grad students and mid-career professionals looking to move into Fintech, the program covers banking fundamentals, design thinking, app development, integration, APIs, DevOps, and Blockchain.

Students completing the course may get a traineeship with a monthly stipend within a bank or one of the other partner companies for 12-15 months.

Working with students, industry experts, the faculty, and regulatory bodies, Uli is looking to further strengthen Axway’s position in Open Banking in South East Asia as well as globally.

Learn more about the Catalysts and Uli’s resources.

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