Customer Success Organization: Axway’s Jean-Baptiste Brière embraces client solutions

Customer Success Organization
Customer Success Organization

Jean-Baptiste Brière brings great energy to Axway’s São Paulo Customer Success Organization office. This made for an easy transition when he settled in Latin America. Jean-Baptiste is French. His journey at Axway began three years ago when he settled in Brazil. He’s been able to easily integrate into Brazilian culture and the Latin American context thanks to his fluency in four languages and former experiences on the continent, in addition to hard work.

Customer Success Organization

Jean-Baptiste’s job is for the Customer Success Organization in LATAM. He’s mostly involved in the Project and Delivery Management on the Services side, incorporated with PMO and Customer Success initiatives. With this job comes a great responsibility to his customers. This is mostly dedicated to Axway’s AMPLIFY API Management solution, but he sometimes works on other products such as Accounting Integrator.

With his work mainly dedicated to his Brazilian customers, this fast-growing region has become very successful. Jean-Baptiste also assists customers from Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Chile or Panama.

He is always thrilled to observe how fast new technologies can be adopted in the region—especially in Brazil. His customers embrace new technologies effortlessly within a Customer Success Organization and can quickly deliver digital projects. This is a notable advantage in terms of usage and adoption.

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Best practices

For Jean-Baptiste, having best practices in place is one of the most important cornerstones. His philosophy is “share as much as you can”! Having collaboration tools at his disposal such as Axway’s Syncplicity to seamlessly share files or an internal social network where people can share knowledge is helpful in this process.

Honesty with every customer is important for Jean-Baptiste. When customers ask him specific questions that he does not have an answer readily available, he doesn’t hesitate to say “I´m not able to answer this right now, but I will return as soon as possible with an in-depth answer.” Whether it’s an expert, a document or a solution in hand. The customer’s reaction is always positive.

Quick and simple tip: using a webcam and good quality speakerphones or headphones during web conference meetings is very important. It improves the interaction with the customers. This instills a feeling of confidence and trust. Hand’s on approach is key for Jean-Baptiste!

Taking the job to the next level

Jean-Baptiste approaches his job will full gusto to ensure Customer Success. As our AMPLIFY API Management solution installation and configuration is straightforward, this can be executed in a few weeks, once all the prerequisites are met. Quick and qualitative delivery contributes to gradually create a trust relationship with his customers, which is a key factor for success and helps to smooth the discussions and the next deliveries. This is the path that is needed for Jean-Baptiste to reach high quality and to increase customer loyalty.

The best part of Jean-Baptiste’s job

Since technical complexity can be tricky, another kind of difficulty can arise. This challenge aims to ensure that the products are used, and the customer is pleased from start to finish. This can be achieved first from the project initialization, by identifying the correct use cases and gaining a clear understanding of what the customer wants to achieve. With a solution in hand and a great strategy, you have a winning combination.

Some customers’ strategy can be very clear and straightforward when their business model and technical architecture are defined. Other customers have not reached this maturity. This requires meetings and discussions to come together for a positive solution. Unclear ideas can be challenged by simply asking: “What do you want to achieve?”

These “gather/listen/understand/deliver/assess” activities should also be applied continuously after the initial platform delivery completion. For Jean-Baptiste, some issues can prevent the products from meeting the needs and satisfaction of the client. Lack of usage after delivery can come from an organizational issue, an uncleared strategy, turnover, a lack of training. This all impacts a satisfactory outcome. Part of his daily job is to spend a useful amount of time listening to his customers and identify how Axway can further solve the problem.

Jean-Baptiste Brière
Jean-Baptiste Brière

Personal advice

Jean-Baptiste’s feels that he may not be wrong in saying that “working in the IT integration field requires at least understanding a minimum of infrastructure, ecosystem, as well as the latest technology trends. The Internet offers a lot of online resources, from the basic TechCrunch to very specialized blogs or forums, there is a lot to learn from.”

Being in direct contact with customers is an art form. A mix of listening, calm, empathy and cheerfulness is needed for the job to be successful! Project management methods have changed a lot over the years, now Agile is the thing. Get updated and look for the latest trends. Be in the know!


Life isn’t all work and no play! Jean-Baptiste likes to do different workout routines like running and swimming. He also commutes from home to the Axway office in São Paulo or to his customers´offices by bicycle. The green initiative is important! It also helps Jean-Baptiste to think of new ideas and solutions while enjoying the fresh air. Further, he loves all forms of art and music. He plays double bass and he is fond of improvised and alternative music.

Thank you, Jean-Baptiste, for bringing Customer Success to all your clients in your region.

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