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Learn how Bpifrance used Axway Managed File Transfer to help small businesses in times of crisis (Register for the webinar)

Bpifrance used Axway Managed File Transfer webinar

It has almost become cliché to say that the COVID-19 pandemic drastically altered how companies do business. And yet so many organizations — and the people that power them — stepped up to the task — large and small.

From enabling remote work in a matter of days or even hours to keeping freight moving to grocery stores, to facilitating scientific research and safety approvals, to putting our minds and technologies to use to solve new problems, Axway and its partners have been there.

Now, we’re sharing another story: How moving to the Cloud with Axway Managed File Transfer helped stand up a program to alleviate economic repercussions of the pandemic on businesses—and in short order.

Bpifrance used Axway Managed File Transfer to help small businesses

During the COVID-19 crisis, the French Public Investment Bank Bpifrance needed to quickly help small businesses, SMEs, and mid-caps get access to 300 billion Euros in emergency loans to survive financial difficulties.

As a historic Axway XFB Gateway customer, they decided to replace their on-premises solution and move to a new cloud solution using SecureTransport to speed up their response to the crisis.

In an upcoming webinar on September 28, Bruno Chevalier, IT Ops Manager/Enterprise Architect at Bpifrance will explain the benefits he found supporting the French government economic measures using a new cloud solution.

And Nicolas Bo, VP Cloud & Customer Success at Axway will introduce the Axway SaaS and how it can help you quickly move to a more agile, manageable, and scalable MFT infrastructure.

You’ll learn how to keep up with constantly changing business needs, maintain security and compliance, and reallocate resources strategically to control costs, and you’ll hear how Bpifrance was able to rapidly stand up a program that’s now helping businesses throughout France.

Register for the webinar and learn why it’s time for your MFT to move to the Cloud!